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Am I for real or not ? That is the question only you can answer ...

Article about: Good afternoon Gentlemen I trust that your 2013 is going along very well Now to the crux of the matter, I am in need of some of your wisdom ... I bought the Iron Cross below a few years ago

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    Default Re: Am I for real or not ? That is the question only you can answer ...

    Quote by Andrew Reichmann View Post
    Hello Wagriff

    I agree with you totally. They did have some kit displayed seperately as "replicas" but this cross was definitely in the "genuine" medals display. I enquired as to whether or not the cross was genuine and the store manager at the time (an author of a number of travellers tales books) assured me that they had taken as much care to ensure it was a genuine article as possible, allegedly even studying the metal under a microscope. I LOL now at the "story" I was fed but at that stage I was only begining to collect war items and, being in a museum as it was, I believed the seller had to know whether or not it was fake.

    Sad, but I am certain 99% of us collectors bought dodgy items when we started out. If anything, the medal is now a constant reminder NOT to rush into a purchase and study plenty before even considering to hand-over hard earned cash :-)
    The shop of which you speak is known for selling rubbish in among the sparse good items they do get in.
    Best bet is always ask before buying, saves loads of heartache and cash.
    BTW are you out PE way?


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    Circuit advertisement Am I for real or not ? That is the question only you can answer ...
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