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Article about: This should be an original (except the pin)... Thanks.

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    This should be an original (except the pin)...

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    interesting it has a hole on the reverse, ive seen this before i think it is a breather hole in the manufacturing process?

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    Has the core been re-painted???
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    Don't know that, but the swastika sure looks like it...
    When I compare it with the EK2, I would say that it had been (the swastika).

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    if, in hand, it looks like the swaz has been repainted but the rest has not, my initial thought is this may have been a cross where the holder removed the paint from the swaz to highlight it as was often done.

    perhaps later, someone comes along who doesn't like that and they repaint it out of ignorance.

    just a possible explanation.

    if you ask me though, the core looks a little strange. maybe more than the swaz has been repainted.

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    The whole core seem very rough, almost like a ground dug that has been repainted.
    The inner corner beading and die flaws should give clues as to who the maker is.
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    The inner corner beading has little 'x's and those little 'x's are found on a fake type of EK.........

    I wonder if you could take anoth pic of the obverse but prop the arms so the cross is straight in the photo? Can you also take some pics of the edges too?

    Note the discolouration of the frame on the front which corresponds to the discolouration on the back. I wouldn't be surprised to see the frames have been rejoined.

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    If the cross is good, the discolouration could be what's left of any silver plating,
    though it is very worn and tarnished. Better 'straight on' pics needed.........


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    Hi all and thanks for your input. Finally I got some more pictures taken and some detailed ones as well (of the corners). Hope you can see it better.

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    To me it looks like a rusty core has been repainted and as Adrian states those little crosses are a concern

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