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Article about: Hello! Johannes Floch or.....?enni

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    Hello! Johannes Floch or.....?enni
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ek I   Ek I  

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    imo original L/21 is Foerster & Barth Pforzheim Tunnelstr


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    Nope, this is not an original cross is it a Floch fake as enni correctly thought. All screwbacks marked L/21 will be fakes and the only marked discs that are accepted as being original will be marked L/58 and very rarely L/10.

    On top of that, please do your research first - by that I mean just check out whether or not a particular maker actually made EKs. Find an original L/21 and post it here for comparison please..........

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    Adrian is absolutley correct !

    Just doing a quick search on EK1 L21s will have told you instantly

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    thank you for correcting me adrian and nick


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    Yes, Floch for sure.. Just look at the 3.. Very easy to spot.


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