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Article about: Hello, Here's a Ek1 I have had for years, I believe it's a L/11 Deumer, my spelling could be wrong. Jonathan.

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    Hello, Thank you all for clearing that up. I did know or at least believed it was made by Deumer, but how on earth can you tell who made it? Also thank you Adrian for explaining what 'vaulted' is. Many thanks Jonathan.

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    Quote by severin View Post
    but how on earth can you tell who made it?
    The date, the frame, the hinge, pin and catch all match known maker marked examples for Wilhelm Deumer.

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    Nice EKI Jonathan, well done. All that you need to remember is this, if guys like Adrian, Danny and Nick OK it, then its fine. They all share a great deal of knowledge when it comes to these Eisernes Kreuzen. Regarding the ways to recognise the different maker marks, that is a fine art in itself, and demands serious time to study the minute details that determine whether a particular example was manufactured by one maker or the next. Plenty of informative threads here on the forum will assist those seeking the knowledge. Decent books and websites will also help, but for starters, you are in the right place.


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    Hello Jonathan thats a nice cross i like the curves on the shinny frame from the vaulting

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    Quote by severin View Post on earth can you tell who made it?

    It is a matter of getting used to looking carefully at the small details.

    For example, take the date on your cross, there is a very distinctive curve on the lower half of the 3, the only other maker that uses a similar style on the 3 is B.H. Mayer, however they have quite a different frame style, so by comparing these two facts we can deduce that your cross is indeed a Deumer. It also has quite minor curvature to the arms and well rounded inner corners on the beading. These features are all found on other known marked Deumer crosses, so this gives us our answer.

    It sounds complicated, but you would be surprised at how quickly you can begin to recognise makers after studying their individual features.

    Regards - Danny

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    What can I say, I will try Wow, once again thank you for explaining everyone and doing it in such a way that I don't feel like a prize winning numpty for asking a question which to you well informed people is obvious. I think I have been bitten by the 'bug'. Many, many thanks Jonathan.

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