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Article about: Here is an EK1 from my collection.

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    Default Ek1

    Here is an EK1 from my collection.
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    That reverse set up doesn't fill me with confidence.......

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    This piece came from an original M-42 artillery NCO Tunic in rather poor condition.

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    There is an ancient Trigan proverb that goes something like:

    "An original M-42 Artillery NCO tunic does not an original EK1 make......"

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    Its a fake I'm afraid

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Thanks fellas!

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    Quote by humble collector View Post
    This piece came from an original M-42 artillery NCO Tunic in rather poor condition.
    In this hobby, where you can have multiple items together, such as tunics and awards, it all must be looked at separately. A good tunic doesn't make the awards good, and good awards don't make a tunic good. A good helmet doesn't make the liner good, and a good liner doesn't always make the helmet good. The list could go on. Take each piece on its own merits.

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    unfortunately, the gentlemen are correct.

    and the other advice you see here is sound. don't look at ANYTHING but the item you are thinking of buying. words, peripherals, nothing else matters. the item itself in its physical state is the only thing that matters. once you open the door to "stories" of how an item came to your consideration in its path through time, or give consideration to what an item is being displayed with or found with or even if you yourself find it on a battlefield... once you look at those things you are looking at the easiest place a faker has to "legitimize" a fake piece. it's hard to make a "good" fake medal. it is not hard to make up a story for it or toss it on a tunic.


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