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EK1 Original

Article about: Hi, I have the opportunity to buy this EK1 and wonder what you think of it, it's unmarked. The seller says his father worked as a Swedish soldier on the railways guarding German POW soldiers

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    You lucky bastard. A nice K&Q with a swedish connection.

    But dont pay extra for the story, if you do that you may one day end up bying Eva Brauns panties from Snyder.


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    Cool nice you like it. Indeed it is really interesting to have something with connection to Sweden. My friend found a Matrozenmützen abzeichen at his attic in Sweden some years ago, also from German POW from Norway that his grandad guarded. They have even found a C96 Mauser gun hidden when they renovated their house, of course it was handed in to the police.

    I think the price for this one will be quite resonable!

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    I dont think people from other countrys appreciate a direct connection like we do, or I atleast, because they have alot of stuff connected to their countys.
    Either they had plenty of german soldiers in their backyards or huge amounts of war trophies brought back from vets. So thats not a big deal for them.

    For us swedes there isnt alot, we hade some stranded aircrews and the transit of the Engelbrechtdivision in -41, other then that, just some german going home on leave.
    So I like the connection.


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    Quote by sweguy View Post
    Thanks for your help gents. Have asked for better pictures and if he sees any markings on the pin. I'm impressed, how do you see it's an Klein & Quenzer just by looking at it?

    as Adrian states, the date font is one tell.

    also, the matte black finish in well-preserved examples is a good indication. you see this finish nicely in examples posted by helmetone. this finish really sticks out and you could probably make the call from across a small room as long as it weren't a cigar lounge.

    better pictures of yours are not necessary to prove authenticity here, but they would show some of the indicators we look for in a representative K&Q EK1 and would add value to the thread.

    a K&Q left and another maker to the right to demonstrate core finish (note also the different font in the numeral "3" as Adrian mentions):

    EK1 OriginalEK1 Original
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