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ek1 screw back

Article about: Here we go, hope it will be helpfull!

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    Default ek1 screw back

    ive already posted this ek1 in an older post a few members thought it was origional. so id like to see if anyone else thinks its origional and why, i know for sure its fake as i bought it of ebay about eight years ago buyer said it was made from origional mold, it was brand new condition and the enemal was very thin i thought, its sat on a shelf for display and has aged a lot in this short time.... so what im asking really is if people thik ths is origional is there any real way of telling an origional from fake if the fakers are in possesion of the origional molds???

    cheers rory
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    Default Re: ek1 screw back

    Is it three part construction? ie. a back, a core and a frame.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: ek1 screw back

    sorry ade my collection is at home and im in england at work even then i wouldnt know how to tell if it was, as in there would be a gap between the core ridged edge and back? as it does look this to my


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    Default Re: ek1 screw back

    Hi Rory,
    If the EK is made of three parts you will see a seam around the edge where the back part of the cross and the beaded frame join. The core is bedded between them. If it is a three part cross you should be able to slip the corner of a piece of paper (a cigarette paper is good because they're thin) between the edge of the beaded frame and the core.
    Just because you bought it off eBay doesn't automatically make it fake, the seller may have sold it as a fake because that's what he believed, you might have unwittingly picked up a genuine cross. The enamel on the core isn't enamel, it's paint and this is prone to flaking off. If it is fake, it's a very good one.
    Post some more detailed pics when you get the chance?

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    Default Re: ek1 screw back

    ahhhh would never have thought of that ade once i get xmass leave i shall investigate but i do feel it is fake when the seller said, and no one else bid on it? but i do agree it has great detail and would never sell, as when else could you handle an ek with out fear for damaging it. but i only wish i could have taken pics when i first got it because it really looked like a dec that had just been awarded on the spot.

    look forward to updating this thread tho, but be gutted if it actually was origional

    cheers rory

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    Default Re: ek1 screw back

    Quote by rory View Post
    but be gutted if it actually was origional
    Huh? Why would you be gutted if it was an original? Most people would be chuffed!
    If the seller was selling it as a fake it might explain why no-one else bid on it. From memory, do you think it could be bent with slight finger pressure? Please update us when you get back home.

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    Default Re: ek1 screw back

    well ade cause i didnt treat it as an origional, think ive got ocd when it comes to medals as i know what what you go through to earn one. but the metal is solid fingers would break trying to bend this ek, is that an indication to wether its real or not? or can i test the metal f so should it be iron?

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    Default Re: ek1 screw back

    Some fakes are made of soft metal and can be bent easily, even though the features look good. Sometimes they're made of brittle metal and will snap. The fact you say it can't be bent of broken easily is a good sign. Please don't go trying to bend or snap your medals and awards though!

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    Default Re: ek1 screw back

    oh definetly would never dream of doin that afraid to touch them only reason i know as the dealer said it was fake so i refered to it as a fake but when i do the paper test then well know or even side view pics should be interesting... but would you have batted an eye lid only i had said truthfully ade????


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    Default Re: ek1 screw back

    finally got round to updating this one for those who where interested in knowing.

    on the left in the first two photos is an origional pin back cross compared to the screwback in question, i have looked hard and the cross is definetly one piece non magnetic ( origional cross is also non magnetic) also on the back of the cross the screw looks off centre and also is missing a pin on the upper arm i have searched through every maker in the useful links page and every one has one of these pins.

    so i would say its safe to say its a very good quality fake??

    cheers rory
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