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Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

Article about: Don't bother thinking you can restore it back to how it should be. It's as it is and any attempt to grind the inscription out will result in a worse mess than it is now.

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    Default Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    Hello all you EK experts, what are your opinions on this L16 STEINHAUER & LUCK being a good one.The cross itself is of a three peice non magnetic construction with the edges appearing to be lightly filed?The pin has an almost brass looking taint to it(is that normal for this manufacturer)?As for the inscription it is very deep and full of dirt build up,and appears to be impressed/stamped rather than etched or inscribed by an engraver? I did think that the ss being in letters rather than runic was a bit odd,but having done a bit of research i have found many examples of award documents with that configuration.Thanks in advance for your thoughts and yes i did look in the EK1 reference section and could not find an exact match????
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??   Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??  

    Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??  
    Attached Images Attached Images Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)?? Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)?? Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)?? Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)?? Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)?? Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)?? Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)?? 

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    Default Re: Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    By no means an expert, but I wouldnt pay extra for a hard to verify unusual inscription on the back of an EK.
    There is just no way of knowing.
    Should I doff my paranoia kepi, I'd say that the letters look very sharp and with a modern font.

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    Default Re: Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    It's hard not to be sceptical, I wonder if Nick or Adrian has ever seen anything like this?

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    Default Re: Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    I agree,without a history behind it i would say that could have been done anytime between 44 and a few years back when i picked it up,but is the cross itself a good example as the minor differences in construction methods are really not my thing.

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    Default Re: Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    The part i find strange must be the font as other members points out, and why should the owner bother to write "totenkopf" on his own medal. If this part was missing it could be plausible, but i personally dont get a good feeling.

    I hope i am wrong, because it is a good looking EK1. And i wish you would be so lucky to have an genuine EK1 with SS inscription.

    Forgot to add: Didnt the SS used the "Sutterlin" scripht font on most of their writings? I just felt i have to mention this part.
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    Default Re: Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    The cross itself looks fine but IMO the inscription is a complete fabrication.

    The style and font is just not period. As previously mentioned it just doesn't fit, I have never seen an original inscription in 'arial' before, look at any other original writings on the back of an award and it will either the the original owner scratching their initials into it or it will have a more 'fancy' style like Sütterlin as mentioned by TrondK.

    A good cross ruined by some enterprising soul who wanted to make it sexy and more valuable and who has in fact taken value away from it.

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    Default Re: Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    I have to agree with Adrian. My doubts would certainly center on the font.

    In addition, looking at the engraved side of the medal, there is something about the edges and pattern of the patina that is suspicious to me. The edges and patina appear "disturbed" to my eye and the "cleanest" area is the area of the engraving itself.

    The back has been tampered with and the area of greatest disturbance appears to be the area of the engraving. This is exactly what you'd expect if the engraving were done after a heavy patina had developed.

    This, of course, is only to my eye. But it is my opinion and attitude towards the engraving nonetheless.

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    Default Re: Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    Thanks guys,a least the cross is a genuine one which was what i was most concerned about,im glad it is not a duffer in an original case!!!

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    Default Re: Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    It is definitely a nice, cased example.

    The only issue is, in my opinion, a spurious engraving.

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    Default Re: Ek1 ss inscribed(l16)??

    The give away is that by July 1944 the Grenadier Regiments of the Totenkopf Division were Panzer Grenadiers and numbered 5 and 6 , SS Panzer Gren Regt 3 was the Deutschland Regiment from Das Reich !!

    Luckily the faker knew nothing about SS Unit designations !!
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    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
    But lie at his feet , in the dust with our leader

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