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Fake EK1 - L15

Article about: I just wanted to post this fake EK1 for reference. It has mm L15 on the pin. I removed the fake 'patina'. It is magnetic, and appears to be of 3-piece construction.

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    Yes I have at home. I 'm proud to have bought the book from him directly (like the other one I have on DKs, great books) but there are few points that don't meet my thought. I have not ther book with me I can do it next week end. In the true Dietrich explained something saying that there was an interview with who produced them if I well remember.

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    Hmm. I don't doubt what they say but based upon what is written in the book, (And no other source? Am I correct?) it has been taken for granted by the majority of the EK collecting community that all L15 crosses are bad now.
    I just wish a bit more information was available than just a mysterious interview with the person who has admitted to producing them.

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    Yes that is the result of the afirmation.
    Here the page and the thread Ek1 l15 - Page 4 - Militaria Forums

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    I found some pics of the 100% fake L15. Jut similar with the L15 with ALL original parts. Easy to recognize for many details, one of them is the short needle.
    I 'll show them later

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    Please apologize for my delay.
    Here some pics of the L15 with 100% fake parts.
    As you all can see these crosses are completly different than cross that started the thread.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fake EK1 - L15   Fake EK1 - L15  

    Fake EK1 - L15  

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    Thanks for your information. If I understand it correctly, the cross I posted is a post-war production using authentic parts from different manufacturers. It will make a nice desk ornament, anyway.

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    In my opinion in worst case you have a cross with a mix of original and postwar parts, I would like to handle it to have peraphs a better opinion.
    Every L15 has to be examined before to have a thought because there is no a geral rule.

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    Good evening, dear friends.
    I would like opinions on this piece.

    Last edited by Milton Basile; 08-10-2011 at 05:38 AM.

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    This one is a Floch fake.

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