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how much would a Ritterkreuz cost?

Article about: how much are the knights cross selling for ,i really do love the ironcross EK1 EK2 but the knights cross really is something els i hope to own one someday soon maybe, how much are they selli

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    Dear Paul D. The item is not mine but it is currently for sale on the market. The seller says that the cross had its authenticity confirmed. I do not have better pictures but I suppose that the seller would supply more images if needed. It is for sure that he is the nephew of General Dumitrescu and thus I presumed the decoration to be authentic. I have neither the money nor I intend to buy this piece. I think that it belongs to a museum as a part of our national history. I simply noticed here its presence on the market
    Best regards

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Basic Knight's Crosses awarded = 7,361
    Oak Leaves = 890
    Swords and Oakleaves = 160
    Oakleaves, Swords and Diamonds = 27
    Gold Oakleaves, Swords and Diamonds = 1
    From what I have read there was possibly another 7000 RKs produced but not awarded.

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    What i would advise just like any area of collecting Militaria but maybe more so if you are considering buying high end items is buy relevant books / study them and other information sources and learn what is a period piece and what isn't , invest in knowledge before you rush inti buying the item.

    The price of a geniune wartime RK will vary depending on condition , maker , provenance and history etc etc.

    I waited for many years until the right one came along as i was probably only going to buy one so it had to be right for me . Mine is an S & L Micro 800 with provenance and history so cost more than just the cost os a S & L Micro 800 itself.
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    Being a collector of political awards, it was always a mystery to me on why RKs cost more than say a Blood Order or Coburg badge? Only 1500 1st patterns BOs awarded and only 436 Coburg badges were awarded. Both of these awards held the highest status in the political realm. That said, the price of both awards are now in the same price range as RKs but have taken some years to catch up.

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    But! you said, were there a spare 7,000+ Blood Orders set aside in addition to the issued pieces? I Still think the B.O. is the more rarer and valuable award.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    No regarding the BO. The Coburg badge is most rare at only 436 awarded. RKs can not be considered rare by any stretch of the imagination with so many produced.

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    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    i think the RKs are just very popular to me there like the holy grail, i just look at them and think wow one day i want one in my hand.
    i seen this guys its looks really nice the price seems not bad with oak leaves, is it real?
    how much would it be worth so if i bought it and then i wanted to sell? im trying to make out how much i would lose on one

    how much would a Ritterkreuz cost?how much would a Ritterkreuz cost?how much would a Ritterkreuz cost?how much would a Ritterkreuz cost?how much would a Ritterkreuz cost?

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    I severly doubt you'll be able to buy from a dealer then flip it for a profit unless you sit on it for a looong time.

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    i would never expect to make money off one, just wondering if they are a good investment you would exspect to lose money
    like would you lose 10% to sell back to a dealer
    and how do dealer price these as they seem to vary in price alot

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