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List of manufacturers which made EK2's

Article about: Hey there guys, Cheers, Remy

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    Default List of manufacturers which made EK2's

    Hey there guys,
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    Hi Remy,
    We have a list here. The one of WAF contains manufacturers that didn't even make the EK. The faults have been pointed out numerous times, but sadly no one corrects it...


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    Great. Sorry, I didnt know we had our own list.

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    Look here.

    As Nick says, the WAF list is very inaccurate whereas the list I compiled in the link is a definite list of known makers because I have them in my collection.

    Use the search button and take some time to look around the forum. Most information is here, if you can't find it, please ask instead of posting links to other sites where the information contained within is inaccurate. I can be misleading for new collectors if they follow your link and not realise it is wrong.

    Don't forget the pinned 'Useful Reference Links' thread on the main Orders and Decorations page it is there for all threads/links worthy of being pinned but without using up half the opening page of the forum. There are links there to EK reference sites.

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    Sorry, it wasnt my intention to mislead anyone. Just tried to help.

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    No problem.

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