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Article about: I have a friend who wants to part with a minty L/11 EK2. However; He will not budge off of \\$200. Isn't this a bit too steep of a price?

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    i have given extraordinary mint EK1s as gifts to friends.

    so in my estimation there's more than one problem. there's the price being a little high AND the credit he is giving your friendship, a little low.

    the guy was trying to gouge. he has no reason to be pissed.

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    Tempelhof can I be your friend please.

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    Now, if he had, say, an EK 1Class for $200...well..that's a different critter all together!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    Tempelhof can I be your friend please.

    hahaha sure thing.

    but to get on this list, you gotta be real young or real broke.

    i have this friend who can by no means afford to collect. i would loan him pieces from my collection because he was so fascinated just looking at the stuff and i'd let him take them home and study them and bring them back after a time for something else.

    as time went on and his interest failed to abate, i began buying pieces for him occasionally. he has a thing for very mint items and i have given him some fantastic things. he has, for example, the most mint "30" cased GWB i have seen anywhere. i've posted it and i've never heard from anyone that a better has been seen. i miss the thing. i have looked for almost 10 years for another in the condition this one is in to no avail.

    the guy has some damn nice stuff at this point.

    i just shipped off a Wehrpass to someone. i'll take notice of a younger member with a passion for the stuff and shoot them a PM and ask them if they want what i'm going to give away and if they say "yes", off it goes. i just don't have a real strong attachment to items sometimes. i enjoy the heck out of collecting. sure. but i'll keep things for a few years and quite often i'll find an excuse to give them away to a young collector or a collector who is older but perhaps without the means.

    then i go on collecting some more.

    for me, sometimes i think the hunt is better than the owning.

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    Quote by tempelhof View Post
    a collector who is older but perhaps without the means.
    Have I ever told you how poor I am?

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    haha uh oh. no, you have not!

    but i think i over-emphasized that. it's more about younger enthusiastic collectors. but not always.

    you're probably some crotchety old guy. like me.

    i'm kidding you. i'd better stop before the thread gets all side-tracked! just meant to make a comment about friends selling militaria to each other at dealer prices. just seemed like there should have been a "friends" discount here!

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