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Need opinions ont his case for a Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes

Article about: Hi all. I'd like to get some opinions on this case (disregard the EK1 inside the case, I'm only interested in opinions on the case itself). Is this case for a Knight's Cross, and is it authe

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    57 KC with its case sells for 450$ US. Case alone I do not want to guess but remember that post war KC with its cases (only for real recipients) were made well into the 80ies.

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    Hi, the chemical treating of paper began sometime in the 40s, but was not widely practiced until the 50s. Even then many forms of paper stock were not treated. This was done to make paper appear brighter in natural light, but glows bright under "blacklight". This being said, I would guess this case to be post war. Possibly this is why only the edges glow, because you don't see the rest of it. IMO, if it was a wartime example there would be absolutely no glow.

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    Cases are a sticky wicket, as they say, to identify, as there were many different manufacturers of them and were rarely-if ever-signed. The Knight's Crosses were, as said, made up into the 1980's (in the 57 design, of course) but some makers like Souval also made the TR versions as well for collectors. Naturally, most all of them were sold in Cases. I think most collectors tend to shy away from putting out significant cash amounts for them for this very reason. Unless they have a nice bullet proof provenance to them, they are extremely difficult to pin down to an exact birth date. Owners of RK's pretty much usually have the original cases that came with their awards and are generally reluctant to marry uncased ones with a questionable case, but some do, of course. It will look better, naturally, in a case, but it will also always be a source of "Is it or Isn't it?" about it. Personally, without a papered history, I would be hesitant to spend more than 1-200 dollars for a case. With documentation? Then you're talking over a grand or more.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Here's a standard early 57 case (domed bottom opposed to the later flat bottom) for comparison. Yours has a different 'motive' to it, IMO not a true 57 case, but there's always the possibility of course. They sell for around 100-150.

    Souval's RK case has much smaller dimensions.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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