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Article about: Hi Latelly i decided to collect EK II for maker, i was surprised to find out such a big difference from country to country some times even twice... Is there a list of prices for each maker?

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    Hí Massimo

    I think there is no common price
    Standard models are priced as they average 75 to 80 € (depend state)
    and there is the Other ,the rare type
    which immediately if they buy if shows up one-one piece
    because it can be a waiting
    What these pieces reappears
    therefore no prices
    Kind Regards

    I'm looking for EK II 1939: B.H.Mayer: A and B core,mm L/18 and schinkel type ,[123],,EK1 Round-3 with Deschler frame and Friedrich Sedlatzek pin and SB variant

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    I have a Niemann Price Guide, which lists suggested prices for several EK variants, such as Schinkels, Round 3s, Uebergrosse...but not according to manufacturers...Lowest price listed is 60 Euros for a basic unmarked EKII up to 600 Euros for an Uebergrosse...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Hi Glenn
    this book was a good guide to prices...
    What i wanted to do all together is to give a value and make it public... something dateing up today and not 5 yeras ago!

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    You would be doing really well these days if you could sell an übergroße cross for €600...
    €450 is about as good as it gets.

    Although I am pretty much out of the game these days, IMO, these would be the sort of prices I would expect to pay:

    Common unmarked: +/- €60
    Common marked: +/- €70-80
    Uncommon marked: +/- €80-95
    Rare marked: +/- €100-150
    Very Rare marked: +/- €140-200
    Common Schinkelform/Round 3 and other variants: +/- €200-250
    übergroße fullsize: +/- €450
    übergroße little brother: +/- €350-400

    After that you are entering the higher end, extremely hard to find area: straight nine, Schinkel B etc.

    Regards - Danny

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    ty Danny

    a little step to my idea of creating a price list... can i ask if anybody have a straight 9 (a good 1) to show?

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