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Article about: My crosses and ribbons are together but I keep ribbons off the ring too.enni

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    Hey all just a strange question for you all, is there a reason as to why people keep their ek2s off the ribbon as in not attached? Or is it all just personal prefrence? Just wondering the correct etiquette for displaying my eks? Thanks guys!

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    Personal preference I guess but mine is: EK2s are designed to be suspended from a ribbon, why not display them hanging from one?

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    Good answer I just looked at all the collections and noticed next to no one has them suspended, just felt maybe it was bad etiquette maybe wearing the ribbon out or something lol thanks for the quick response

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    Nope, when my EK2s get displayed, all will be hanging from a ribbon. I can't seperate them and display them naked!

    Some of these medals and ribbons have been together for seventy plus years, keep them that way.

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    On the other hand, however, you see quite often EKII's unissued with their original envelopes and folded unthreaded ribbons, so perhaps the prevailing theory is to leave the virgin ribbon in it's issued state, as once you thread them through the ring, they will forever show the wrinkling by doing this.

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    Any of my virgin crosses in packets, with tissue paper and unthreaded ribbon will be displayed as they are but everything else will be joined to a ribbon.

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    I keep my ribbons with the cross but off the ring

    comme ša ...

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    jeez, Woolgar.

    i'm all worked up now.

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    Oh my Nick, how many do you have? Looks like you have half of Englands LOL

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    I keep them how I receive them. If the ribbon is in the loop, it stays in. If its separate and has obviously never been in the loop, I leave it separated. It looks goofy to put an unissued ribbon through a loop that has never been.

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