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Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.

Article about: as requested RK 2

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    Default Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.

    as requested RK 2
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.   Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.  

    Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.   Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.  

    Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.  
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    Default Re: Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.

    Any thoughts on this one?

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    Default Re: Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.

    It is an original "B" type 800 4 S&L.

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    Default Re: Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.

    As said, it looks to be a Steinhauer & Lück Type B 4, but there has been a great deal of discussion on these Type B's. Some consider them post-war while others do not. I am wondering, however, if these 2 crosses may not be unissued and were GI souvenired after the war's end, as the 935 ring does not belong on the other RK, but has been there, apparently, since it was returned. Both crosses look very much similar to each other condition-wise and in handling appearance. Neither cross shows any signs of wear or being worn.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Ritterkreuz marked 4-800.

    my uncle was with the 179th regiment 45th division..fought in Italy, France, Germany.....he died about 2 years father got 2 boxes from his place...I've displayed some of it in the collections section....the other box is missing...I think my brother took it and sold it...there was a very nice red covered book with gold eagle emboss about mussolini's trip to Munich...inside the cover in pencil was written "found 20 miles outside Munich' [may not be exact, but that is about it ]..I have posted pics of the 179th regimental book......he was in WW2....he had this stuff.....I have a few letters of his.....the 179th's last HQ [ CP ] was hitler' Munich apartment....letters state of going through straits of Gibraltar and Messina...etc etc etc........he may have embellished some great granpa came over from Deutschland and the relatives spoke, my uncle spoke some and supposedly help to translate over there...ok...well, that's it......for now

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    My uncle was in the 45th division also- 179th 2nd battalion f company. He was wounded and captured at dagnieux during the battle of meximieux. He then spent 9months as a pow. He passed away last year...... Landed on Anzio then went to operation Dragoon..

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    Arjacobson--my uncle was with L company, from what I've read from the letters......I'm guessing that's 3rd battalion...have you seen the collection I have?...I think my uncle says he joined the division at Anzio

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    Hello-How do I check out your collection? Sounds excellent! My Uncle Lyle had basic training at camp barkley texas? Does that sound familiar? I'm sure they saw the same ground! Did he mention the "factory" ??

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    go way down the forum list to COLLECTORS COMMUNITY, COLLECTION DISPLAY about page 8, title is MY CONNECTION TO WW2 by bronk...I have the regimental history book, it's very nice...... don't know about my uncle's basic training..I had TWO knight's crosses cased!!! ,,,,,I printed out a long list of 179th HQs as they moved and followed the list in the book.....the 179th's last HQ was Munich [ hitler's old apartment ], where there were a lot of souvenirs to be fact, in the regimental book, it says after they settled down, they went on a souvenir hunt!!!!

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