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Spange zum Eisernen Kreuz 2. Klasse Ludwig Bertsch

Article about: I have this Spange with Bag combo in my collection. The bag is marked for Ludwig Bertsch, Karlsruhe, which appears to be somewhat rare. The Spange itself looks to me like a B.H. Meyer to me.

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    I don’t believe I said the Emedals listing proved it was authentic. I am posting pictures of other packets by said maker, as a member might read this who knows more about packets and could shed some light on it. Or someone may have seen that packet/badge combo and knows it’s a fake.

    As for Emedals, I got a Fake EK1 from them once, which reluctantly they took back.

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    The top picture was not from Emedals, but from a website of the German Antique dealer I mentioned. What I thought was strange is that it’s the same B.H.Meyer Spange with that same packet. Again, does not prove authenticity, but I find it interesting nonetheless.

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    I heard back from Christian Von Eicke of Von Eicke Antik Handel, Berlin, the antique dealer that was selling the B.H. Meyer Spange/Ludwig Bertsch Envelope combo in the picture I posted. I explained my situation. He referred to Ludwig Bertsch as a Ordenshaendler (awards dealer) who would buy awards from other makers wholesale and then sell them in their own marked bags. He also felt the Spange is most certainly B.H.Meyer. Of course this is not definitive proof, but it does point toward CMSgt’s theory. For now, I think I will hang on to that bag.

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    Spange zum Eisernen Kreuz 2. Klasse Ludwig BertschThis from Awards of the Heer by Maertz’s and Hartmann.

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