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Two EK1 Spangen, Deumer and ???

Article about: I've finally gotten around to photographing my two EK1 Spangen side by side and have noticed some subtle differences in a number of features. 'Eyebrow' of the adlerLength of the right side i

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    Default Two EK1 Spangen, Deumer and ???

    I've finally gotten around to photographing my two EK1 Spangen side by side and have noticed some subtle differences in a number of features.

    • 'Eyebrow' of the adler
    • Length of the right side inner feather veins
    • Angle of the left side inner feather veins
    • Die flaw in the second '9' of the left spange
    • Die flaw in the far right wing of the right hand spange
    • Different catch design
    • Possible difference in the left claw

    Having said all that, the first '9' in '1939' appears to share a different version of the same die flaw, which can often be interpreted as a gradual degradation of the die over time. The adler head shape on both examples also appear the same so the question is thus, are these from different manufacturers or are they both Deumers of a different time period?

    Two EK1 Spangen, Deumer and ??? Two EK1 Spangen, Deumer and ???

    Comments and similarly detailed macro shots of your own spangen for comparison would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Glenn,

    They are both definitely Deumer type 2 spanges. The date flaws in the left one is a progression over time, similar to that seen in the '1941' date shield of Juncker DK's that worsened over it's production period. It's possible the die may have been slightly re worked over the production period hence the slight difference in the very fine details such as the wing veins, wreath etc. This is not uncommon in many die tools that have heavy use or intricate fine details that wear and start to breakdown in time.

    Although I don't own a spange, Deumer or otherwise, I can direct you to a linky thing that shows what you need to know.

    Deumer EK1 Spange flaws - Militaria Forums

    Regards, Ned.
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    Nice one Ned!

    I knew I could count on you for a detailed opinion. I have to say, I love the details that show up under macro photography and the subtle nuances they reveal. Degradation of dies tells a story all it's own.

    Cheers for the linky also!

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    A nice pair Glenn, I only have a Brehmer example so cant compare

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