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U-47 EK1 ........... real?

Article about: Hey guys, here is an unusual item, an EK1 , engraved U-47 wilhelmshaven, 8-11-40. Fellow collector picked this up, doing some research for him.......... any ideas if this is legit? If needed

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    The date is correct if that's the way the date reads......?

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    I thought the Germans always wrote the day, then month. Why put a non important date on a badge if you were trying to fake it..... perhaps hoping the buyer would never research the date? ......... The collector friend who bought it has been collecting for over 42 yrs. The seller bought this EK and 2 others from a local gun show walk in.... didn't even know there was writing on the reverse till he got home.... so that was not a buying point for the seller.....

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    The engraving has a very 'modern' feel to it.........


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    Boat number but no recipient's insignificant date...questionable quality engraving...and from a famous commander's U-boat. I doubt very much if this came from Prien's boat. An embellished EK1 to try to kick out a undeserved high price. They may as well have put Prien's name itself on it as the recipient. As far as I'm concerned, it's been ruined.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Newbie is right. A German writes double decal-MM-YY, never the other way.

    So it's 8 November.

    Reading it as August 11 opens a whole other can of worms as in engraving done by a foreign (ie: non-German) national.

    Adrian is, of course, correct about what the records show U-47 was doing and where it was sailing from on and around that date. There is no apparent significance to Wilhelmshaven for this date.'

    it's interesting. but i just don't know. an apparently irrelevant date yet... well... why go through the trouble of a fake engraving job with nonsensical content. just one of those strange things i guess.

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