In April 1939 the airport welschap was taken by the dutch army because of general mobilisation. The war puts an end to the developments and aspirations of the airport Welschap. In two days ]Eindhoven was occupied and the Luftwaffe took the airport. The name was changed in Fliegerhorst Eindhoven and the Germans started directly with the extension of the airport. This resulted in a professional airport with three paved run ways, 130 parking places for planes and 53 large hangars. On 18 September 1944 eindhoven and the surrounding places were liberated during the operation Market Garden by American paratroops of 101e Airborne Division. The next day on airport Welschap the Dutch flag was hoisted. British Airfield Repair Unit was used to fill more than 1650 bomb craters. Still after more than 60 years, the Dutch army is still looking for un exploded bombs in the eara. Every week there are about 5 bombs found and detonated at a field
BBC - WW2 People's War - January 1st 1945: RCAF at Eindhoven