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Berlin 2010

Article about: Hi Ade, Yes silver man is still there along with a Red indian chief star wars Storm trooper and Darth vader. I may also be way off but not sure what the Gebirgsjager patch is doing on the lo

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    Default Berlin 2010


    Just a few photos I took whilst in Berlin in April this year I hope you enjoy.

    Photos 1,3,4,6 and 7 are taken at Karlshof 4 being Zhukovs tunic and hat.
    Photo 2 is the site of the Fuhrer bunker visited 30/04/2010
    Photo 5 and 8 are of battle damage near Friedrich strasse
    Photo 9 and 10 are of the soviet memorial

    Berlin 2010Berlin 2010Berlin 2010Berlin 2010Berlin 2010Berlin 2010Berlin 2010Berlin 2010Berlin 2010Berlin 2010


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    Default Re: Berlin 2010

    Those are great pictures. Berlin is a great city. : )

    Did you get to see the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche while you were there?

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    Default Re: Berlin 2010

    Unfortunatly not, was visiting friends of my other half for four days, went to Seelow, stasi museum, Karlshof, Central Berlin and various old DDR barracks in walking distance of where they lived. I think I pushed my luck as it was. Still spending Christmas and new year with her family near Darmstadt so will see what I can find there,



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    Default Re: Berlin 2010

    Hi Robin, brings back fond memories for me from when I visited in 2005. I went to the same places as you have shown.

    I did visit the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche and have a few pics.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Berlin 2010

    Hi Ade, Looking forward to maybe a longer trip next year. The friend we stayed with is a Berlin town planner and now being aware of my interest is compiling a list of out of the way or restricted access areas that he can take me to.

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    Default Re: Berlin 2010

    I'd love to have a list like that Robin.
    My wife and I will visit Berlin in december of this year for 5 days.
    25 years ago I visited 'Checkpoint Charlie' when it was still operational.
    Anyone out there who can tel me where I must go ans what to visit.
    I'm totaly interested in WWII, Cold War, Stasi etc.
    Regards from The Netherlands,


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    Default Re: Berlin 2010

    I cant wait to go to Berlin looks great.
    thanks for sharing

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    Default Re: Berlin 2010

    Five more photos, one of the Brandenburg tor, and two of exhibits inside Karlshof and two of the T34 outside Karlshof.

    Best wishes


    Berlin 2010Berlin 2010Berlin 2010
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Berlin 2010   Berlin 2010  

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    Default Re: Berlin 2010

    Hi Robin, I see the sheild on the Maxim is still not fixed on correctly giving it a sloped back look. It was like that when I visited. This kind of thing really bugs me Sad aren't I

    I see they now have guys to have your photo taken with in Russian uniform. There was a guy in DDR uniform sprayed silver in 2005!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Berlin 2010

    I remember that guy Ade. I even got a picture with him. I think it cost 2 Euro.

    The Sieggessaule is pretty cool too. You certainly can't visit Berlin without visiting the Reichstag as well.

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