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Crete Holiday September

Article about: Hi guys, thinking of booking a holiday to Crete, Maleme for me and the wife, as a break and to see the WW2 sites i know there's the German War cemetery and allied would like to see both, is

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    The market in 1941
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Quote by HistoryMan View Post
    I would go to Rethymnon. Nice hotels, nice beach,lots going on, was also one of the areas where the FJ landed. Maleme is only a little place in the middle of nowhere really. Rethymnon is only a short drive up the coast from Maleme
    is there any WW2 things to vist in Rethymnon?

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    Quote by ironcross13 View Post
    is there any WW2 things to vist in Rethymnon?
    Rethymnon is an ancient town, and was one location the FJ's landed during the invasion. I do not think there are any ww2 related places to visit there, I didn't when I was there.

    I would advise you read up on Operation Mercury before you go, this may be a start

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    yeah thanks it does seem that Maleme is very quite place, not sure if to stay there and rent a car, the prices in Rethymnon is very high but seems like a more lively place more to see

    ive seen a few books,
    The Fall Of Crete (CASSELL MILITARY PAPERBACKS): Alan Clark: 0978030435348: Books
    Crete: The Battle and the Resistance: Antony Beevor: 9780719568312: Books

    any others i should look at guys?

    Best Martin

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    Hi Martin.. I stayed in Maleme about 10 yr ago. Our hotel was the last one on the beach road (then, probably more hotels now) but the Maleme WW2 airfield was about 500m further down the beach, it was easy to get onto and was littered with things from the war, it was the main airfield the German paratroops landed on and fought a massive battle there. We found parts of JU 52s, shell casings, field equipment, vehicles etc etc stuff was everywhere!! but its probably more secure now and was also a live fire range, i only spotted the sign for that on the way out! have fun...Russ

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    Thanks mate sounds good. I would of been taking lots home lol
    Can you go on the airfield?

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    Quote by ironcross13 View Post
    who made the German cemetery, was it the dead Germans who fell at the battel?
    I can't imagine the dead germans making much of anything ironcross13!

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    Lol Glen
    Was made by the surviving German Parra troopers

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    Thumbs up

    I've been to Kreta several times starting with the 50. aniv commeration, but haven't been in probably 15 ys.
    The Fj monument has long since been removed after it started to fall apart.
    I was by myself so rented a car and then camped out around over the island. I spent some time at the US military base so did sleep in a bed occasionally.
    Guess I should go back and see what/how much has changed since the last time I was there.

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    Have you got accomodation sorted IC?


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