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Entering Germany 1944

Article about: Thank you Paul, here we go. Why my first Stop in Vossenack????????? It was one of the most tortured villages in the Hürtgenwald, changed several times between germans and americans, even in

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    I just love this thread as its so informative and you've definately added this to my 'must do list' when I visit the family next summer. More pictures please!!!


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    Thank you Bartmann,

    ok here we go,

    Tired and exhausted and even ready for such a car:

    I drove back through the streets

    to the once lovely church in Vossenack:

    which had such a cruel fate

    and parked our car in front of a little house:

    The Museum Hürtgenwald, founded 2001 from the
    Geschichtsverein Hürtgenwald

    where a big and famous gun was waiting for us:

    Nice displays from the Hürtgen-Hotel and the germans force, the mechanics

    Some of the famous killing-machines of Hürtgen

    but also a romantic kitchen of the 30th:

    where I took a little break, but than I had to pack my

    and had to go into the woods for my job after the war as a minesweaper:

    until their end often looks like this:

    Tired and washed out not only my time in Hürtgen ended:

    We took a last look out of the command-car

    and over the Ordensburg Vogelsang

    I made my way home after 3 very, very impressive days,



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    It's been a pleasure to view your photos, read your commentary and share your tour of the Hürtgenwald. Thank you for putting together such a well thought out and well presented thread.

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    Yes Adrian, its not so easy to make and put together such a thread
    but I think that it is a good way to show a stranger or foreigner the landscape of
    the Hürtgen or Ardennen-1944-theatre.

    And only putting pictures in a thread without comments is not the right way.

    The readers need to have a brief historical summary to become more familiar
    with this scenes on german border,
    perhaps after reading the threats they are able to see this woods with different

    And Adrian thank you for your positive comment, that it makes perhaps easier to
    draw up another report of the next weekends-actions.

    So long


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    very informative thread!

    Great to read & my respect for the effort!
    best regards, zf41

    always looking for:

    [FONT="Arial"][B]VW Kübelwagen Typ 82 & BMW R75[/B][/FONT] -->parts,accessories,pictures,postcards etc

    everything about the following units:

    [FONT="Arial"][B]Art.Rgt. 359/ 359.Inf.Div. + Gren.Rgt. 1126 / 559. Volks-Gren.Div[/B][/FONT].

    take a look: , always interesting for the vehicle guys ;-)

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    Default Re: Entering Germany 1944

    Its been a pleasure for me to follow your Hurtgen vacation in an area I'm very fond of, thank you for all your hardwork putting your article together and advertising how interesting the area is.
    Best Wishes

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    Thank you very much for this wonderful educational and incisive thread.

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    Thanks Alex for brilliant thread.


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    Thank you Männers for the positive responses.

    That gives me strength for the next excursion on weekend in our hot woods.

    Yes, summer is back in Germany with 30 degrees.


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    Question Re: Entering Germany 1944 Is it still dangerous?

    I was just wondering... Are there still live M35 "Bouncing Betty" mines out in the Hurtgenwald? I know there must be plenty of unxploded ordinance... but are the mines still dangerous?

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