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German Cemetery Crimea

Article about: Crimean graves of German soldiers...between Sevastopol and Yalta. All German dead are now moved to this sight in the Crimea. On this post are wartime german military cemeteries for Perekop,

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    Absolutely selective...on these german monuments.

    Posted is a few photos of the Soviet monument to Babi Yar and the NKVD blowing up of the Kreschetic which the Germans responded with the murder of over 30,000 of Kievs Jews. It is little known in the West that 70,000-100,000 non Jews were murdered at Babi Yar....probally bc as you say it is not unique. Of course the suffering was the same for these non Jews who were also murdered. Also pictured is the massive television tower that is located on top of the desecrated and destroyed Jewish cemetery.... built later in Soviet times...and in the opposite direction down the ravine from the main monument is the encroachment of Kiev that covered up much of the original murder sight. The hide their own crimes and to take away the uniqueness of Jewish suffering...spent many months/years covering up the ravin. One of the processes they used besides heavy equipment was pumping heavy mud using water into the murder site after damming it up. It was supposed to settle and cover up the ravine. But....the dirt had too much clay and it did not separate from the mud as it supposed to and caused a massive mud slide that killed and injured thousands. This mudslide happened in the direction of the building block pictured. The second photo of Babi Yar dead is the attempt to did up, burn, and hide the crime by the Germans and the others are of murders in was said that the NKVD's goal when blowing up the Kiev city center was to cause the Germans to react in such a way as to turn the population against them....the Jews were doomed either way.

    That is what I like about covers Stalins crimes as well as Hitler's...and like the Holocuast by does not ignore the early victims before the industrial killing started. I consider these two books to be revisionist and the top research available to the general public.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSCN4655.jpg   DSCN4651.jpg  

    DSCN4163.jpg   DSCN4162.jpg  

    DSCN4161.jpg   DSCN4158.jpg  

    DSCN4152.jpg   DSCN4661.jpg  


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    Thanks Paul.....

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