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The Grave of Reinhard Heydrich

Article about: Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich grave in 1942 and today ,and some pic of ambush ,in war and today , and funeral

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    Default Re: The Grave of Reinhard Heydrich

    Wfrad ; I did not mention Stalin or tojo as the subject matter at hand was nazi criminals. Of course Stalin and tojo , Mao & Minh are all absolute human debris. What they collectively did in their grasp to have and keep power was murder/genocide. To think otherwise one would have to be blind and maybe missing alot of common sense to put it mildly.
    Anyhow why is it that some feel showing the graves of these historical monsters in some kind of rosey light with flowers and all I cannot fathom.
    Let this whole format be for collecting , and not glorifying such abominal things.

    Quote by wfrad View Post
    Just a small point and forgive me if you think Iím being picky.
    Donít forget the misery friend Joe put the Russian people through. His reign of terror lasted longer than Hitters, covered an area just as great but went mainly unnoticed [or ignored] by the allies.
    Remember also the Russian prisoners Churchill and company returned to disappear.

    We all tend to forget about the eastern gypsies that were all but wiped out, both by Hitler & Stalin.
    Then the gypsies didnít have any money people, or political influence behind them to shout foul.
    Please remember that Hitler was not the only evil during the 30ís and 40ís. Japan didnít hang back when it came to ethnic cleansing either.

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    Sorry if you thought I was knocking you, I wasnít, I agree with you whole heartedly.
    Comments were for those who unfortunately are unaware of what actually happened during the 30ís & 40ís, or donít want to know what went on.
    I can remember talking to a young German girl whose parents had fled the advance of the red army in '45 [many years ago while stationed in Germany].
    She had only praise for the German army standing alone in the fight against the murdering communist invaders.
    We are sometimes victims of what we hear as children from our parents, very few of us as children wish to believe that our parents are wrong!
    Anyway, hereís hoping you have a peaceful and prosperous 2009.

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    Sorry folks,but this is/was a thread about Heydrichs grave. I suppose everybody has their views on the subject. But all we post is what we know about the subject. Facts we know about. Opinions on what he was are beside the point,they will differ from individual to individual. Stewy

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