Hello people,

First of all, I dont know if this is alloud to be posted on the forum. If this is the case, than please delete the thread.

Some of you know me as a regular type of forum member with many questions and some contributions. My name is Kaj Metz and I am a member of WW2Museums.com. It is a project of a Dutch non-profit organization STIWOT, Foundation for Information World War Two. The STIWOT projects have more than 2 million visitors a year. The project WW2Museums is managed by a team of volunteers and it aims to register all the (major) World War Two sights in Europe, the United States and in the Pacific area.

As a member of STIWOT, im regulary contributing photographs of sights within the Netherlands. But crossing the border to other countries is not that always that easy for me. So now back to you warrelics veterans.

I've watched many threads in 'After the Battle' and saw many wonderful stories and pictures of your visits to foreign countries. So I have a favour to ask to the ones who are interested. I really would like to apply some of your photographs to our entries on our website to expand the database of WW2 sights (from museums, cemeteries, monuments to the bullet hole above your window ) in the world.

Of course, your name will be mentioned as source of the photograph(s). With your permission the photograph(s) can only be used for the STIWOT projects and shall not be passed to third parties.

So if you're interested to contribute please PM me.

We hope that you will consider our request.

Kaj Metz