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Historical site: Dukla

Article about: ... about 1 kilometer down the road into Slovakia is on the left hand side a large monument for the fallen czechoslovakian soldiers of the first brigade which was commanded by Gen. Ludvik Sv

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    Default Re: Historical site: Dukla, Summer 2010

    Beautiful photos; thanks for posting these.

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    Default Re: Historical site: Dukla

    I saw in 1992 this place and next year the Polish side, with a small museum, tanks...

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    Default Re: Historical site: Dukla

    An excellent thread thanks for all those had some input....what a place needs to be visited ..Cheers Terry.

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    Default Re: Historical site: Dukla

    Superb, what a place !! need to put that one on the list for sure !!!

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    visit this place again last summer ... mostly unchanged (not my video)

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    Thanks for posting, must go there one day.. Oh and thanks again for the leg shot 'Very nice'.....

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