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Holiday in Crete and respect to fallen family member.

Article about: by Dean Truly great words.. This is a beautiful world indeed. -Update- I want to start a thread on our homelands. Pictures of the nicer places in which we live. Awesome pics guys. Dean i had

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    Default Re: Holiday in Crete and respect to fallen family member.

    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    Yes Michael, there are lots of pics in the holiday thread I did, what a place, I was like a kid in a sweetie shop, the now owner Andrew is fantastic but I am sure he was trying to get me drunk, we kept drinking Raki lol
    Oh man... i just left a huuuge comment in your Crete thread... Your photos almost made me cry! Reading and watching about the massacres of the so many villages is way too much for me... Thanks for your interest in Crete!

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    Default Re: Holiday in Crete and respect to fallen family member.

    It is a beautiful place Michael, I could live there to be honest

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    Hello friend! I'm in Crete! Tomorrow i will visit and pay my respects to the fallen Allied soldiers that are buried in the Allied cemetery! I will find your ancestor...
    Take good care my friend!

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    Good one Michael, many thanks

    BTW I bets its good to be back home, just love Crete

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    In fact,this has become a Greece-lovers thread?
    Can i join?
    Because.......I AM MISSING GREECE SO MUUUUCHHH !!!!!!!
    (sorry,respect to your fallen ones,but i am a Hellas addict..)

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    Welcome on board lol

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    Thanks Ben!
    I will work twice more this year to save enough money to go back with my family there ,next summer.

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    A very interesting and moving thread and obviously a personal one to yourself so thanks for sharing. I personally have no connection to the MTO as my Grandfather landed on Sword on 6th June '44 but I would like to go to Crete and pay my respects to all the soldiers who fought and paid the ultimate price there.

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    It is a cracking place to visit, you have the history, both Ancient and WW2 military and the people are fantastic, nice weather, just overall nice (yes we like it lol)

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    Well with it being the Med, and nice weather I'm sure I can work a family holiday into a history related trip, or is that the other way round?!

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