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Iconic Images of the Vietnam war

Article about: After making a thread on images of ww2 I thought I would create one about the Vietnam war as there are many interesting pictures that depict the harsh realities of the conflict. I hope you e

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    Default Re: Iconic Images of the Vietnam war

    Quote by KriegMann View Post
    This one has alway stuck with me
    Your tag line seems to re-enforce this. Slow and steady indeed won that race.

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    Default Re: Iconic Images of the Vietnam war

    Images showing the Vietcong
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Iconic Images of the Vietnam war   Iconic Images of the Vietnam war  

    Iconic Images of the Vietnam war   Iconic Images of the Vietnam war  

    Iconic Images of the Vietnam war   Iconic Images of the Vietnam war  

    Iconic Images of the Vietnam war   Iconic Images of the Vietnam war  

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    Default Re: Iconic Images of the Vietnam war

    Some gruesome, harsh but stirring pics here.
    Thought provoking and should give pause for least, thats the feelings invoked in me.

    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Truth of the matter is barely Military history is being taught..due to sensitivity groups. I am looking forward to more postings of black and white photos. Regards Larry
    We've talked about this before and I agree. It really is a fact that annoys me and I've no doubt that it is part of a deliberate agenda (but as you say, we dont go into those details here).

    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Most excellent indeed...........but anyone else needs to remember the sensitivity of the remaining vets and those who lived there during that time who are still alive today. There are still a ton of Vietnam vets still around which any extra wording may cause sharp responses. I will and the other Mods will be watching this thread as I feel this is a history that needs to be seen..just like the KL camps. The posting of photos and descriptions are perfect for content. Dont go over it into anything political. I hope it will not be necessary to close the thread but should be treated as the same respect as the KL camp threads.
    The black and white photos are stunning and say alot more than words can describe.
    There are some very knowledgeable gents who served there that are members here on the forum,,which I think would add greatly to the History of the war,,but again try not to lean into the political side of the war but on the photographs as it was happening. The chopper pics are awesome!! Regards Larry

    Well said. I know guys who went to Vietnam and their demeanor/the way they carry themselves are borne out of the horror some of them experienced there. I feel proud for knowing them and I respect them deeply. Few of them talk about what they experienced. Soemtimes, when no others are around they will open up.

    At the same time a student of history can respect the struggle that the Vietnamese people went through.

    I dont see a problem with combining those two POVs.

    Its first when you underestimate the OPFOR and have nothing but contempt for them, that you land yourself and your buddies in trouble.

    For what its worth, I believe many troops respected the foe in that conflict - just as I know for a fact, that modern fighters respect and under no circumstance underestimate the forces they oppose in for example Afghanistan. Time and time again, they have shown themselves to be a tough adversary.
    You can still respect them for their will to fight and for their fighting capability without buying into their dogma - today as in Vietnam.

    Quote by SteveR View Post
    The " VC insurgent " being shot that seems haunt you was the leader of an execution squad that was assigned to murder the families of high ranking politicians and soldiers . He had murdered his best friends wife and children just hours before. He died way to easy.
    That fact wasn't convenient for the anti war press at the time.
    The folks that are queasy about the facts of war would$hit a brick if I told you how this mixed blood American Indian would have killed him.
    Typical! Always someone who ventures forth and ruins a good emotional rant and uproar about that pic with facts!!

    Thanks for adding that valuable tidbit of info albeit in your usual diplomatic war, Steve

    Just as the lack of history taught as mentioned above, it always annoys me, when that important info is not mentioned in regards to that particular photo being shown.

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    Default Re: Iconic Images of the Vietnam war

    A couple of Country Joe McDonald songs about the Vietnam war.

    Country Joe McDonald - Kiss my Ass - YouTube

    What Are We Fighting For? Version 2.0 - YouTube

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