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The La Gleize King Tiger

Article about: I've been enjoying the thread about the Vimoutiers Tiger I and - unless I've been using the 'search' function incorrectly - noticed that the Forum doesn't seem to have a thread dedicated to

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    When I visited that Tiger II in 1974, it was not painted, but was rather a forlorn sight with its rusty hulk and broken gun, many parts/bits had been removed as souvenirs up to that point as can be seen in the current images, it now sports the muzzle brake off a Panther !
    Heres a link to the museum in La Gleize Tiger 213
    Prost ! Steve.
    "The German Army is the perfectly adapted, perfectly running Machine. The difference is that the Germans are organised with a view to War...with the cold, hard, practical and business-like purpose of winning victories."
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    On the rear cover of 'After the Battle' issue 4 (published March 1974) & on page 24 are photos of the tiger all painted up. You must have been there a year or two earlier than you recall Steve.

    We're all getting older mate!
    Cheers, Dan
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    A couple of years on, and the La Gleize King Tiger seems to have had a repaint, probably to coincide with the revamped/re-opened museum....

    The La Gleize King Tiger

    The La Gleize King Tiger

    The La Gleize King Tiger

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    Quote by oradour View Post
    That's where she sat when I first visited her in 1974 ! sat at the top of the hill near the church, where it had been left as in the above image.......opposite was the cellar of a guest house that was the original location of the museum.
    Prost ! Steve.
    To be able to view and experience history as it was in those days is a wonderful thought

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    The commander of 213 SS Obersturmfuhrer Helmut Dollinger features on some of the original Wochenschau film !
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    Look forward to seeing this over Christmas while on my Bastogne trip !


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    Just wish they would do a complete restoration job on this "old lady", she deserves it now.

    I'm sure money could be "found" to start the project.

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    I finally got to visit the big old brute !
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The La Gleize King Tiger   The La Gleize King Tiger  

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