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The Lochnagar Crater Memorial.

Article about: Another place in Belgium that's a must for every one to see, is the massive crater at La Boiselle. This place takes some beating and again it's hard to fathom out the events of yesteryear. A

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    Very sad photos but thanks for posting. I've seen some footage that is said to be of the actual mine being detonated. Its been said that it could be felt in London.

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    Thank you DB for those pic of that epic site. I was wondering is that one of the BIG ones that is often seen on TV when they talk about the British forces undermining the German positions during WW1 Somme battles?

    Excellent photo's

    Semper Fi

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    The footage shown is of the explosion at Hawthorn ridge fired by Malins. The Lochnagar crater is further to the right of the line at La Boisselle.
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    Deep down inside the tunnels, both German and British soldiers would listen quietly, for any sound of the "other" side digging away.

    Can you imagine the cold, dark, and damp mining shafts, deep underground, listening out for any sound being made?

    It must have been terrifying, those guys must have had nerves of steel.

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