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LRDG Truck??

Article about: The museum could at least chuck some wee chocks under the thing and rotate the tyres half a turn eh

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    The LRDG operated so far back into the Sea of Sand , that there is a fair chance that they were and still are the only people to have moved over much of that territory .
    That was the point of long range patrolling , to appear out of nowhere on the coastal plain , cause havoc , and then ,
    just disappear.
    The 'nomads' if they ever went off the beaten track and came across the truck , would have had no use for truck parts .
    Camels are put together differently

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    horrible kids.

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    Leave the kids alone , nothing wrong with the climbing all over the truck .

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    Kids playing around won't hurt the old gal in the desert, but
    the least the museum staff could do is inflate the tires of
    their display truck - it doesn't take that much effort.
    This bothers me a whole lot more.........


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    The same thought crossed my mind when I first saw that museum photo .

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    The museum left it as it was found. Flat tires and all.
    I'm sure when I first saw it displayed it was in a big sandbox.

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    The buggas , it puts us Kiwi in a bad light eh , our truck having a flat tyre

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    Very cool truck!! Is the tire flat or just low on air pressure??? Those of us that live in a desert and play in the sand know that when the powder gets deep, Just take some air out of your tires and away you go!!!!!!

    Semper Fi

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    35 lbs seems to be what they went with

    One of the difficulties with these was tyre pressures. If pressure were high, there was a strain on the engine and sticking in the sand. If lowered, they ran more freely but developed punctures in the rocky places. 35 lbs was found to be a good average pressure. Patches put on with solution came unstuck with the heat, and vulcanised ones were hardly any more successful.

    The SDF Kufra Convoys (Frameset)

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    Those tires are as hard as a rock and dry rotted. Any air would turn the to powder. Rubber + desert, UV and time = new geology.

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