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Museum in Reguiny

Article about: This little museum is run by a lady called Francoise. It centres alot arount the resistence in Brittany and the the SOE. Francoise is also devoted to Flying officer John T Clifford who is bu

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    Default Museum in Reguiny

    This little museum is run by a lady called Francoise.
    It centres alot arount the resistence in Brittany and the the SOE.
    Francoise is also devoted to Flying officer John T Clifford who is buried in Reguiny Church.
    Unfortunatly my battery on my camera was running low and Francoise was busy taking a French group round. If you get the chance to vist then it is well worth it.

    Major Jon Howard has signed one of field blouses.
    The radio set was made in a concentration camp

    On 28 July 1944 at 1700 hrs Flt Lt John T Clifford and seven of his comrades under the command of Squadron Leader William Douglas took off from their base "Bolt Head" in the South of England for a sortie over Occupied France.

    A pilot with six years experience in the Royal Air Force, John Clifford was taking part in a “Rhubarb" operation over Brittany to reconnoitre and destroy German military objectives and road traffic.

    Whilst attacking a lorry of the German TODT Organisation the Spitfire of John Clifford struck a tree with the tip of its right wing. The plane crashed in a wood by the Josselin-Pontivy road close to the town of Reguiny.

    On Friday 28 July 1944 some residents of Reguiny proceeded to the crash site to render assistance, but were prevented in doing so by German troops from a nearby camp. The flames of the crash attracted the attention of a passing German convoy. A German officer, wounded, with his arm in a sling looked at the body of the young British officer. He instructed that the Red Cross or civilian authorities should be advised, and recommended that a formal burial should be carried out, stating "He is the same rank as myself. He then ordered the German troops to return to their camp, leaving the people of Reguiny to attend the scene. Two days later on 30 July 1944 a numerous crowd assembled to accompany the funeral cortege.

    At the church, Monsieur Joachim Roscoet, Mayor of Reguiny, placed a tricolour wreath on the coffin in homage to the sacrifice of a young British officer who gave his life for the liberation of France.

    Finally, at the cemetery the grave was covered with flowers.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSCF7240.jpg   DSCF7208.jpg  

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    DSCF7216.jpg   DSCF7224.jpg  

    DSCF7213.jpg   DSCF7251.jpg  

    DSCF7249.jpg   DSCF7247.jpg  

    DSCF7209.jpg   DSCF7248.jpg  

    DSCF7243.jpg   clifford.jpg  

    DSCF7238.jpg   DSCF7223.jpg  

    DSCF7231.jpg   DSCF7255.jpg  

    DSCF7237.jpg   DSCF7242.jpg  

    DSCF7211.jpg   DSCF7215.jpg  

    DSCF7253.jpg   DSCF7235.jpg  

    DSCF7230.jpg   DSCF7245.jpg  

    DSCF7214.jpg   DSCF7218.jpg  

    DSCF7227.jpg   DSCF7234.jpg  

    DSCF7250.jpg   DSCF7257.jpg  

    DSCF7219.jpg   DSCF7241.jpg  

    DSCF7225.jpg   DSCF7217.jpg  


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    Default Re: Museum in Reguiny

    Looks good Dave, nice shots. Thanks for sharing them with us all.



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    Default Re: Museum in Reguiny

    A fascinating little museum, I would love to visit

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Museum in Reguiny

    I like the U-boat captain's hat! Great looking little museum. William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Museum in Reguiny

    I could have spent hours in there. But, two children and a wife in tow I had to do what I could!!! The curator is very passionate about the museum and P/O Clifford. They have regular ceremonies at his grave.
    Due to what he did alot of Todt workers were able to escape

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    Default Re: Museum in Reguiny

    What an amazing display that little museum has.
    Thats a great place to spend a few hours.
    Thanks for sharing.

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