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My recent trip to Germany: Colditz, Torgau, Wewelsburg, etc.

Article about: Hi Guys, last month Lez and I and several members from 2nd Guards did a road trip across to Germany to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the US - Soviet link up at Torgau. We left Dover

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    Day 5.

    This is what the trip was really about, the Anniversary in Torgau:

    Even more pics here:
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    hi ade ,im glad your friends came through in the end so pass on a thanks to them for the great pictures it looks like you earned your keep for sure ,the trabant looks superb and i didnt realise it came in an estate version ,great stuff

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    Day 6, Sunday.

    Back to Torgau. We went to the Rowing Boat club in the morning, where a plaque was unveiled. This is where US troops took rowing boats in order to cross the Elbe to the Russian side. Our German hosts can around with Champagne, then Vodka. Lez and I decided to buy a beer, for which payment was refused. Our hosts then brought out free beer for all the English guests. Two crates of beer later....

    We then drove to Dresden and the Bundeswehr Museum and some sightseeing.

    At the theme restaurant, we went there last time we stayed with Bee, we had beer by the litre It is a bit touristy but a fun place and the food is great:

    Sophienkeller im Taschenbergpalais | Die schönsten Gewölberestaurants Dresdens

    Here are more of Sigita's brilliant pics:

    Luckily, I was not the driver that day. In the car park there was a breathalyser (!) so for the sake of one Euro I discovered just how much I was over the limit...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 20150426_155107.jpg   20150426_154610.jpg  

    20150426_152130.jpg   20150426_152113.jpg  

    20150426_152043.jpg   20150426_152039.jpg  

    20150426_152037.jpg   20150426_141931.jpg  

    20150426_160329.jpg   20150426_160207.jpg  

    20150426_160100.jpg   20150426_160018.jpg  

    20150426_155612.jpg   20150426_155503.jpg  

    20150426_155438.jpg   20150426_155422.jpg  

    20150426_155351.jpg   20150426_154804.jpg  

    20150426_160450.jpg   20150426_160536.jpg  

    20150426_160618.jpg   20150426_160651.jpg  

    20150426_160724.jpg   20150426_161211.jpg  

    20150426_161311.jpg   20150426_161358.jpg  

    20150426_161427.jpg   20150426_161736.jpg  

    20150426_161537.jpg   20150426_161608.jpg  

    20150426_161654.jpg   20150426_161713.jpg  

    20150426_161757.jpg   20150426_161905.jpg  

    20150426_161924.jpg   20150426_162027.jpg  

    20150426_162114.jpg   20150426_162132.jpg  

    20150426_162316.jpg   20150426_162335.jpg  

    20150426_162449.jpg   20150426_162516.jpg  

    20150426_162652.jpg   20150426_162743.jpg  

    20150426_162817.jpg   20150426_162909.jpg  

    20150426_163029.jpg   20150426_163003.jpg  

    20150426_163057.jpg   20150426_163119.jpg  

    20150426_163301.jpg   20150426_163325.jpg  

    20150426_163344.jpg   20150426_163421.jpg  

    20150426_163601.jpg   20150426_163620.jpg  

    20150426_163713.jpg   20150426_163721.jpg  

    20150426_163732.jpg   20150426_163823.jpg  

    20150426_163850.jpg   20150426_163917.jpg  

    20150426_164025.jpg   20150426_164109.jpg  

    20150426_164252.jpg   20150426_164459.jpg  

    20150426_164512.jpg   20150426_164524.jpg  

    20150426_164804.jpg   20150426_164840.jpg  

    20150426_164941.jpg   20150426_165142.jpg  

    20150426_170630.jpg   20150426_180808.jpg  

    20150426_180738.jpg   20150426_180816.jpg  

    20150426_181110.jpg   20150426_183857.jpg  

    20150426_191350.jpg   20150426_191708.jpg  

    20150426_192203.jpg   20150426_192213.jpg  

    20150426_192233.jpg   20150426_205959.jpg  

    20150426_211711.jpg   20150426_211836.jpg  

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    Day 7.

    We leave Penig and head west. Looking to make a stop half way to our destination of Wewelsburg, we noticed that the KL Mittlebau - Dora at Nordhausen is a fine place to visit. Sadly, museums in Germany close on Mondays, but the site and visitor centre were still open, with just the tunnels where the V2 rockets were assembled being closed.

    We had a good look around the site and then head off into town for lunch. Refreshed we continue to drive on to "Himmler's Castle". Once again this is a Youth Hostel and we had booked ourselves in for the night while at Colditz. This is somewhere I had always wanted to see.

    We announced our arrival and the our German host exclaimed "Ah, so you are the party from Colditz!". I said to him "Can you see a pattern forming here?"
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 20150427_134708.jpg   20150427_134537.jpg  

    20150427_134143.jpg   20150427_134720.jpg  

    20150427_134752.jpg   20150427_134827.jpg  

    20150427_135027.jpg   20150427_135114.jpg  

    20150427_135126.jpg   20150427_135144.jpg  

    20150427_135235.jpg   20150427_135312.jpg  

    20150427_135340.jpg   20150427_135354.jpg  

    20150427_135448.jpg   20150427_135510.jpg  

    20150427_140124.jpg   20150427_140133.jpg  

    20150427_140149.jpg   20150427_140247.jpg  

    20150427_140301.jpg   20150427_140432.jpg  

    20150427_140510.jpg   20150427_140816.jpg  

    20150427_141213.jpg   20150427_141428.jpg  

    20150427_141806.jpg   20150427_143421.jpg  

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    great post Ade.

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    Great thread Ade, thanks for posting. As the tunnels were closed during your stop at KZ-Gedenkstätte Mittelbau-Dora, I have taken the liberty of adding a few images of the internal sectors that can be visited, just to augment the thread.

    The tunnel tour is only available through appointment, visitors will always find the gates and doors are locked if they just arrive. Inside, visitors get to see sectors '44' and '45', which were used for welding and machining parts for the V1 weapon. The atmosphere is breathtaking.

    1) Former entrance area to tunnel 'A'

    2) Original entrance to tunnel 'B'

    3) View through the modern access passage (tunnel 'B')

    4-6) Various exhibits within tunnel 'B'

    7) Tunnel 'B' - Latrines

    8) Tunnel 'B' - inside sector '44', "V1 machining" - note the high water level

    9-11) Tunnel 'B' - inside sector '45', "V1 welding"


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MIT-TUN-A-A.jpg   MIT-TUNB-A.jpg  

    MIT-TUNB-B.jpg   MIT-TUNB-C.jpg  

    MIT-TUNB-D.jpg   MIT-TUNB-F.jpg  

    MIT-TUNB-G.jpg   MIT-TUNB-M.jpg  

    MIT-TUNB-Q.jpg   MIT-TUNB-S.jpg  

    Experienced guide and published author leading detailed study trips to the former KZ sites of Nazi Germany. Contact for further details.

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    Evening Day 7 and Day 8: Wewelsburg and Home.

    One of the highlights of the trip for me. After booking in and on the advice of our jovial host, we quickly ran down to the local supermarket to get some food and drink. (Drinks being much cheaper than the UK, so we stocked up for home) As the Museum is closed on Mondays, everywhere else in the village shuts too, so there was no where to eat or drink. So we had a small party in our bedrooms. The castle was all open to explore, bar the lower floor which houses the museum. The site of the Castle is deceptive. It is on high ground but within the village itself and only has a very steep wooded bank on one side with water at the bottom. I guess this is where all the Honour Rings are!

    Again, a great value place to stay. I can really recommend the Youth Hostel system. People of all ages stay there. All the kids were a credit to their teachers etc. You just have to make up your bed and leave the room clean and tidy. Breakfasts (Continental) are good, self service. Again just clean the table. Just like being in the Army really.

    The museum is outstanding as you will see from the few snaps I had time to take. The Germans have really grasped the nettle with this one. For many years the local people had preferred to forgot the Castle and the Concentration Camp associated with it. But now history is being preserved. Entry to the Museum is free.

    Wewelsburg -*Startseite

    Sadly, we only had a short time in there due to it not opening until 10am As we needed to leave by just after 11am in order to make it back to Dunkirk for our ferry at 6pm. It was more like 11.30am by the time we left....... We made the ferry with about 20 mins to spare.

    Sigita's final photos of our trip:

    This concludes my thread.

    We clocked up over 1,800 miles. A fantastic time. By taking the ferry, sharing the driving and petrol costs and taking only two cars and not using hotels, plus working our ticket with our friend Bee, we did the trip on a very tight budget of under £500 for me and Lez.

    We returned home very tired but happy and already looking forwards to our next trip. In just over one weeks time Lez, Sigita and I would be off to MOSCOW for Victory Day! I will do a thread about that next. But I will let my Internet connection and our forum server cool down a bit, so keep an eye out for this thread in the coming days.

    Hope you have enjoyed the pics?

    Cheers, Ade.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 20150427_190836.jpg   20150427_190844.jpg  

    20150427_190905.jpg   20150427_190909.jpg  

    20150427_190959.jpg   20150427_191042.jpg  

    20150427_210418.jpg   20150427_210429.jpg  

    20150427_213708.jpg   20150427_213715.jpg  

    20150427_213909.jpg   20150427_213919.jpg  

    20150427_213932.jpg   20150427_213956.jpg  

    20150427_214048.jpg   20150427_214036.jpg  

    20150427_214112.jpg   20150427_214132.jpg  

    20150428_091332.jpg   20150428_091837.jpg  

    20150428_091919.jpg   20150428_091953.jpg  

    20150428_092015.jpg   20150428_092143.jpg  

    20150428_092202.jpg   20150428_092224.jpg  

    20150428_092300.jpg   20150428_092318.jpg  

    20150428_092516.jpg   20150428_092559.jpg  

    20150428_092603.jpg   20150428_092642.jpg  

    20150428_092701.jpg   20150428_092720.jpg  

    20150428_093528.jpg   20150428_094143.jpg  

    20150428_093853.jpg   20150428_094146.jpg  

    20150428_095700.jpg   20150428_095707.jpg  

    20150428_095715.jpg   20150428_100238.jpg  

    20150428_100812.jpg   20150428_101007.jpg  

    20150428_101025.jpg   20150428_101040.jpg  

    20150428_101047.jpg   20150428_101113.jpg  

    20150428_101143.jpg   20150428_101209.jpg  

    20150428_101232.jpg   20150428_101311.jpg  

    20150428_101335.jpg   20150428_101420.jpg  

    20150428_101443.jpg   20150428_101611.jpg  

    20150428_101639.jpg   20150428_101709.jpg  

    20150428_101842.jpg   20150428_101930.jpg  

    20150428_102117.jpg   20150428_102129.jpg  

    20150428_102146.jpg   20150428_102154.jpg  

    20150428_102222.jpg   20150428_102232.jpg  

    20150428_102318.jpg   20150428_102323.jpg  

    20150428_102328.jpg   20150428_102335.jpg  

    20150428_102353.jpg   20150428_102430.jpg  

    20150428_102451.jpg   20150428_102510.jpg  

    20150428_102543.jpg   20150428_102609.jpg  

    20150428_102703.jpg   20150428_102719.jpg  

    20150428_102729.jpg   20150428_102733.jpg  

    20150428_102758.jpg   20150428_102816.jpg  

    20150428_102830.jpg   20150428_102847.jpg  

    20150428_102902.jpg   20150428_103006.jpg  

    20150428_103130.jpg   20150428_103025.jpg  

    20150428_103221.jpg   20150428_103256.jpg  

    20150428_103302.jpg   20150428_103322.jpg  

    20150428_103341.jpg   20150428_103423.jpg  

    20150428_103436.jpg   20150428_103513.jpg  

    20150428_103534.jpg   20150428_103542.jpg  

    20150428_103603.jpg   20150428_103617.jpg  

    20150428_103624.jpg   20150428_103638.jpg  

    20150428_103655.jpg   20150428_103719.jpg  

    20150428_103734.jpg   20150428_103757.jpg  

    20150428_103817.jpg   20150428_103842.jpg  

    20150428_103856.jpg   20150428_103909.jpg  

    20150428_103937.jpg   20150428_103957.jpg  

    20150428_104018.jpg   20150428_104110.jpg  

    20150428_104155.jpg   20150428_104249.jpg  

    20150428_104309.jpg   20150428_105102.jpg  

    20150428_105110.jpg   20150428_105152.jpg  

    20150428_105234.jpg   20150428_105255.jpg  

    20150428_105543.jpg   20150428_105705.jpg  

    20150428_105725.jpg   20150428_105927.jpg  

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Paul, our guide was a lady, Steffi Schubert.
    Steffi was our guide when we visited Ade. She was superb, very friendly, helpful and informative. And finished the tour with a classic...

    "For you, ze tour iz over..."
    Experienced guide and published author leading detailed study trips to the former KZ sites of Nazi Germany. Contact for further details.

    "maka akaŋl oyate maŋi pi ki le, tuweŋi wíyópeya oki hi sni"

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    For those who may not notice such a feature, the Konzentrationslager inmate uniforms shown in the attachments above are extremely unusual. Present on several examples on display at Wewelsburg - which, I might add, is arguably one of the best museum presentations of any kind I have ever seen, are the purple inverted triangle insignia (aka Winkel) which were used to designate either a Bibelforscher (Jehovah's Witness) or member of the clergy. The camp at Niederhagen-Wewelsburg was a site were many such Jehovah's Witnesses were held.
    Experienced guide and published author leading detailed study trips to the former KZ sites of Nazi Germany. Contact for further details.

    "maka akaŋl oyate maŋi pi ki le, tuweŋi wíyópeya oki hi sni"

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    Awesome thread and great photos!.....

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