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Nuts, Bastogne 2009

Article about: very nice photos/story thanks for shareing i hope my daughter is as intrested one day

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    Default Nuts, Bastogne 2009

    Here my pictures of a little journey to Bastogne participating the 65th. anniversary:

    Early in the morning(5o clock) we started in the Hunsrück through snow and fog, driving down to Trier, climbing into the Eifel and then direction St. Vith into the Ardennes.
    There sadly wasn't snow, only frozen rain and fog.
    At 9 o clock we arrived in Recogne to visit the resting german soldiers which are not forgotten too:

    church and graves in Recogne just a very small cottage in the surroundings of Bastogne

    6800 graves of german young man

    Heavy fighting took place here too, trying a breakthroug to Bastogne

    A picture from the 60th. of the cemetary

    Then a little rest in Houffalize

    visiting the poor Panther blasted from a big bomb into the little river where he and his 5
    men died.

    Sadly some Sprayers had no mercy with this old symbol of german forces

    Later we drove through the outskirts of Bastogne through the dark forest searching the wood of Foy

    There at the 101. Airborne-Memorial a belgian group arrived with new flowers for the american young man dying in the cold.


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    Default Re: Nuts, Bastogne 2009 Part 2

    Never forgotten

    March of freedom 2009

    A camp in the forest of Foy

    a column of us troops and free french forces

    our beetle camouflaged as FFI-Vehicle(german cars are still not allowed) in the dark and muddy woods of Foy

    Old Foxholes besides the road

    A Jeep rushes through the wood


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    Default Re: Nuts, Bastogne 2009

    Later we drove to Mardasson where General Patton(in the foreground) just arrived

    A lovely Greyhound

    behind a big towtruck

    a heavily armored dodge

    and a Beute-Kübel

    Dodge command-car

    and a strange Jeep selfmade I guess

    M10 tank destroyer

    screaming eagle drinking water of the Ardennes

    The impressive Mardasson Memorial


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    Default Re: Nuts, Bastogne 2009 Part 3

    From Mardasson we drove down to the town of Bastogne

    The road up to the well known market-place

    a big Pershing(never saw action in 1944) was waiting for us

    Pershing 1945 in germany

    This tank was able to kill panthers and tigers at a long range and was a famous tank in the battle of Cologne in March 1945

    the first one in Bastogne, one of the week older Shermans with the small gun and the Stern-Engine out of an aeroplane

    One of the most unknown M22 tanks used by landing troops with gliders(but not in Bastogne)

    an original picture with an M22 out of an glider at the Rhine-Crossing

    The original Sherman with its bullet-holes which killed him in late december 1944

    The Memorial of General Mc Auliff the defender of Bastogne

    My daughter in front of a nice Jeep

    Through the city we drove

    to the belgian military complex where a convoy of rememberance was formed

    a nice Fordson-Wrecker

    Starting into town again


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    Default Re: Nuts, Bastogne 2009 part 4

    Down in the town again we visited a little display at the church with anti-tank units to save this crossing

    The restored church today

    our beetle at the crossing into the town

    Than we had to leave the town westwards where a sherman turret remains from 1944

    in the outskirts from Bastogne there is a well known Fritten-Shop

    where the young members of the Resistance took some Frittes

    Back to the woods we visited Schumanns Eck where the Americans

    fought against the german Fallschirmjäger

    original photo on an actual stamp

    Past the patton-Memorial at Ettelbruck

    we drove to Diekirch and its war-museum

    where an M47(postwar) and a Sherman-firefly are watching the entrance

    Artillery-guns displayed outside the Museum

    Back in the Mosel-valley we drove in direction to Trier with its famous roman relics, here the Igeler Säule

    Here the well known Porta-Nigra of Trier

    and the Amphie-Theatre

    After a trip of 500kilometers my young resistance fighters reached home late in the evening tired and hungry



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    Default Re: Nuts, Bastogne 2009

    Excellent photos.

    Many thanks for sharing

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Nuts, Bastogne 2009

    Thank you Alex for a very nice tour!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Nuts, Bastogne 2009

    Very nice! thanks for showing.

    rgds, Ty

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    Default Re: Nuts, Bastogne 2009

    Hi alex,
    what a great trip you had thanks for showing us. and i love the VW,

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    Default Re: Nuts, Bastogne 2009

    Hi Alex,
    some great pictures of some very rare vehicles. As to the strange jeep its a theatre made jeep modification. I remember in Wheels and tracks some years ago there was an article regarding improvised six wheelers, made by ingenious mechanics from two jeep wrecks, there was at least two such vehicle made one was on an airbase in England and the other was somewhere in Europe. I did think at first it was a Willys TUG (genuine 6 x 6) however the rear body tub and firewall are not correct, so is it a genuine field made modification or a restorers replica.

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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