I am member of an Danish association that primarily are interested in the Atlanticwall in Denmark.

On the 4. november 2012 we opened the only preserved, and only built Fl 314 bunker throughout the Atlanticwall.
The bunker was empty, but the was some very nice German drawings on the walls.
...it was again closed later the same day.

Here is a link to a Danish website with some pictures of the inside of the bunker...Ildleder Fl 314
The pictures are numbered in(), and the the number refer to the floorplan and the red numbers - where the picture was shot.

The website is of course on Danish, but you can always see the pictures.

This Fl 314 was fire control post for heavy AA-battery.
There was four German 10,5cm S.K. C/32 in the battery.
Here is a link with pictures of the inside of these guns....Betjeningsrum for 10,5 cm Flak under panserkuppel

Hope you like the pictures.
...in was very exciting to go down in the bunker.