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Article about: Well guys nearly time for my visit, two weeks in fact . Thanks to all those who have visited i have some knowledge of what to expect when i arrive there, we will be based in Limoges for 4 da

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    Limoges is a large city plenty do do and see, it has a large railway station too, it is not really a tourist place so brush up on your french and expect to pay up to 7 euro for a beer.

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    Thanks for the tip, "greatwhite" - sounds as if I'm in for beating, as my French is pretty poor. Will have to work on that, I guess. Looks as if a car is in order too, as that region seems rather remote - not having much to offer, in the way of rail service. Sizing up to be quite an adventure . . .

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    There is a huge railway station, so i guess you can get to major cities easily.

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