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Article about: I've visited Oradour twice and it is a really very moving place, walking through its quiet streets with the tram track still in place always gets to me, seeing the Doctors car in the square

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    I never visited Oradour sur Glane but in High school I read a paperback still available today called "War for an Afternoon" Although the photos shown in the links provided in the above posts are chilling,,,reading this book completes the feeling of attrocity that was comitted on that day,. This is a worth while book to read,,and sickening to say the least of what some the these SS men did to the people and animals. Here is a photo of the book. Regards Larry
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    Another memorable book which has a sizable section of it concerning Oradour is "The Scourge of the Swastika" by Lord Russell of Liverpool. It was one of the first post war books that came out and spoke openly of the atrocities committed.

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    This book also ( one of my Xmas presents ) goes into some detail about the whole northern movement of the division as well as the brutal 'sidetrack the DF regiment took.
    available thru Amazon Das Reich: The March of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Through France, June 1944 Pan Military Classics: Max Hastings Sir: Books

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    A horrible tragedy. One place that I must visit soon.

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