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point du hoc

Article about: Hi chris nice sign mate what fence did that come off lol. Dave. I want it lol.

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    Excellent photos looks like a great place to visit one day..Thanks for sharing. Cheers Terry.

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    In 1968, I found this piece of brotbeutel!
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    I see they still have,nt opened that one bunker at the far edge, love to know whats in there

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    thank you all for the pics.

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    Been there twice, last time 3 years ago. Amazing scenery!

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    Been there 3 years ago! very nice place, i'll be back for sure!

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    Great images Chris of such an iconic historically important place,you can understand why so many call D-day Rudders day when you take in account the sheer scale of the task ahead of them,I know when he was first told about his mission he was quoted as saying "you have to be kidding right" or something similar,and the reason they received a presidential unit citation and took so many casualties on that fateful day,thanks for sharing and i will make it my business to actually go there and pay my homage.

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    Great pics Chris - thanks.........!

    I'd love to be able to go someday too. You guys on
    that side of the pond are lucky to be able to visit
    all kinds of historic sites.........


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    Quote by davejb View Post
    I see they still have,nt opened that one bunker at the far edge, love to know whats in there
    The armory ?

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    Sobering pictures.

    Thanks for posting

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