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point du hoc

Article about: Hi chris nice sign mate what fence did that come off lol. Dave. I want it lol.

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    Hi chris
    nice sign mate what fence did that come off lol.
    I want it lol.

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    No fence the mayor of Cricqueville gave it to my dad and he gave it to me back in the 90s

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    I was just there 2 weeks ago on a private tour. Did you know that the bunker which overlooked the cliff, was an observation bunker. It originally had think clear plastic so you could see outside. I got a great tour guide and learned so much.

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    Yes I did ,did you go inside the one that was use for a hospital?
    I have never heard of the clear plastic.
    I hope you enjoy your visit

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    No, I didnt have time to visit the hospital. Yes, in the bunker over looking the cliff, there are makrs for where nalis/ screws would be. My guide told me that originally, large clear bake-lite was screwed in place and it served as an observation area overlooking where the allies ships were.

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    Hi Chris,

    never heard of this sealed bunker, can you give me some more info? Why was it sealed full of weapons on D-Day?



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    During the bombing of the pointe du hoc a shell hit just in front of that banker and covered it up. It is not a large bunker it is very small.

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