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Scampton church yard

Article about: I have been to Scampton village church, Lincolnshire which is the final resting place of some British, Canadian and Australian airmen. There are also eleven graves of German airmen. The link

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    12th May 41 Luftflotte 3 sent 240 aircraft from Denmark to attack UK airfields. A JU88 piloted by Leutnant Kurt Hanning attacked Scampton at 01:35 with a load of 28 50Kg bombs. The plane made several passes when it was took on by a six man gun crew led by Cpl Inkpen. The crew opened up with 2 Lewis guns expending their ammunition. The aircraft caught fire crashing close to the perimeter fence.
    Mr Miller was the Rolls Royce rep for the base was passing close by with his wife. He pulled Hanning out alive. Hanning died five minuites later in the arms of Mrs Miller. Miller rescued the rest of the crew but they were either dead or dying of their wounds.
    On the 14th May Hanning, Unteroffizier Wilhelm A C Hansen, Gerfreiter Johannes Dietrich, Gerfreiter EHelmuth Wimmeder were all buried in Scampton church yard with full military honours.

    The tail of the aircraft was inscribed in Inkpens name and kept by 83 sqn as a trophy. Three months later Corporal Inkpen was killed when a Hampden blew up on the dispersal where he was working.
    Gerfreiter EH Reidel was found many years later by a farmer. Reidel is buried in the same grave as Wimmeder. It was likely that he was thrown clear on impact maybe hidden in a ditch or bushes until his remains were found years later. He was probably a very good friend of the crew to have managed to have got on board which was against strict regulations.

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    Hi Davesap, Thank you for your response and the detail. It must be 30/40 years since I read the account in the Scampton magazine so you will appreciate my memory of the article is somewhat sketchy. However, I reakon that we are singing from the same sheet!! If I get up to Lincoln again, I will make a point of visiting the cemetery.
    Regards and best wishes Michael R

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    returned again. Got the flight practice times and sat at the end of the runway with my camera. Unfortunatly I did not have my camera ready for take off.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Scampton church yard   Scampton church yard  

    Scampton church yard   Scampton church yard  

    Scampton church yard   Scampton church yard  

    Scampton church yard   Scampton church yard  

    Scampton church yard  

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    Dave some nice photos there..I saw these chaps doing their stuff in Cyprus when I was on exercise there a few years back....pretty impressive stuff I thought.. I'm going to be poping up to Scampton in Feb whilst I'm on leave/holiday...To see what this place is all about?.. Is there other places worth a visit whilst I'm there?? I know the church is worth a visit but anything else?? Thanks for the advice Cheers Terry.

    whoooo that was my 2000 post too...

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    The guys were out here in Qatar about 3 months ago. From my office window I could feel the vibrations as they performed over the bay and city area, I'm sure they weren't paying too much attention to minimum height restrictions either!

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    Interestng info and pics.
    Link in the OP didnt for for me (might be a temporary thing), but then it is an old(-ish) thread.
    Was easy to research the aircrew though; attacking aircraft singles out car, which aircrew believes is an indicator of activity on the airfield, then plane tangles with wires and crashes on car killing the member of the Observer Corps within and entire aircraft crew.

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    you can get all the way round the perimeter fence but there is not too much to see. The Dambusters inn is worth a visit. There is a museum on the camp which is geared towards the Dambusters and you can visit the grave of Gibsons dog (i wont use its name in case I cause offence). You have to book in advance and it is something I am yet to do but I have been told its worth a visit.
    If you check on line and type it practice times red arrows it will give you timings and how many aircraft will be up in the sky. I went of the A1500 onto Middle Street just outside the village. There is an opening to a farmers field with run way lights. The field is part unused so you can park your car and walk up to the permieter fence. If you arrive on time they take off right over your head and they practice around the airfield.

    Past Scampton is RAF Cammeringham (approx 4 miles) which was mainly a training school. 35 bombers however, were lost from this base. I do not know what you can see or who you have to speak with to get permission to look around. There is not much left and there is no memorial.

    below is the link for the museum. Let me know how you get on. Dave

    RAF Scampton - Visiting the Heritage Centre

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    And a little further up is RAF Hemswell Cliffe and as it's a Giant Antiques store, you can go around the base, accommodation, mess etc

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    Hi, When I visited Hemswell, there was not a lot of militaria to be seen but still well worth a visit for a wide variety of antiques and nick nacks etc. There are also several plaques on what was the station parade ground and most of the domestic buildings are available to view. When I visited, the Guard Room was open as were the detention cells, all packed with stock. Well worth an afternoon visit!!

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    Thanks guys for the info.. & Dave I will let you know how I do?? I will get onto that soon ready for Feb leave....Could be interesting!!.. RAF isn't my main interest but seeing that I live in RAF Lincolnshire I best get with the program lol.... Thanks again gents.. Cheers Terry.

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