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Scampton church yard

Article about: I have been to Scampton village church, Lincolnshire which is the final resting place of some British, Canadian and Australian airmen. There are also eleven graves of German airmen. The link

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    In answer to a previous question, Observer Kelway is buried in Newport cemetery in Lincoln. His grave is difficult to find as it is in some state of disrepair.

    I have written a book, which gives details of all those buried at Scampton called Slightly Below the Glidepath, for anybody who would like further details.

    BTW, I notice several posters have quoted directly from it, please remember without acknowledging the source, such quotes are just plagiarism.

    If anybody would like more details about the burials at Scampton or indeed Digby, Waddington and Linton on Ouse, please ask away

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    Gary where abouts in the cemetery is he buried please?. As I was going there in the near future as Charlies Sharpe is buried there too, a VC holder from the Lincolnshire Regiment from World War 1.. If I could find both gravestones that would really bore the Missus lol. Cheers Terry

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    The grave has no headstone, it's outlined with a stone rectangle and filled with chippings. The inscription is also quite worn away, but you can make out Kelway. I can only give rough directions, but it is in front of you as you walk into the grave yard with Newport church at your back. There is also a small CWGC plot to the left of it. It took me about 5 visits to find it, even after getting the grave reference from the council.

    Best of Luck


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    Okay Gary thanks for the info... I don't think I will be allowed there 5 times lol.... But I will give a whirl when I visit soon. Thanks again, Terry.

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    Just had a look at a photo. Go to the CWGC PLot and stand with your back to the cross of sacrifice facing south towards the city. Walk through the gap in the hedge and his grave ison the right about 6 or 7 along and behind the first main row. There is also a shiney black grave just in front of his

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    Roger that Gary.. thanks for the info.... Cheers Terry...

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