The scrap yard mentioned above was that on the road south of Caen, same road that a Polish war cemetery is on, now a dual carriage way, had some planes or bits of planes at the entrance and what looked like various French military retired vehicles in it. Saw this in 1979 and it was there then. I believe the father in law went to Normandy with MVCG in the early eighties and a small group went for a look round. There was the body of a kubelwagen which they examined and in one of the storage compartments which had never been opened they discovered a live panzerfaust. The French were fairly relaxed about it. If only we knew then what this stuff was going to be worth now and brought as much as possible. There was another secondhand come junk shop near one of the beaches with a selection of K98's for sale in the window with painted armoury markings on the butts for a 1000 francs, about 100 at the time and beyond my means as a REME lance jack.