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Travelling to Worms. Mainz and Landau.

Article about: Hello everyone. I hope someone could assist me with a little information. I am heading of to Germany later in the month and was hoping for some recommendations of WW2 sites to see in the Wor

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    Default Travelling to Worms. Mainz and Landau.

    Hello everyone. I hope someone could assist me with a little information. I am heading of to Germany later in the month and was hoping for some recommendations of WW2 sites to see in the Worms/Mainz/Landau areas. Not only the large sites but also the hidden bunkers, air raid shelters etc that are a bit off the beaten track. Also if anyone has and would be kind enough to share tactical maps of the area I would very much appreciate it. If I do find anything of interest I will post photo's on my return.

    Many thanks


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    Greetings Robin,

    If you have access to a car whilst in Worms, travel due east for 2hrs to Veckring, France and see this visit information It has weird tour dates & hours so you will have to ensure your trip dates’ line up, but if it does you are in for a genuine treat. Hands down out of all the things WWII to “see” in Europe is this was my very favorite of them all. It is (The largest) section of the Maginot Line that is still intact. I’ve visited the D-Day beaches five times, done the Arnhem Battlefield tour twice, and the Battle of the Bulge site twice and none (NONE!) are as awesome as this single 2hr tour. Bring a coat, a warm hat, and prepare to be blown away. I have been to this section of the Maginot Line (alone) three separate times and I have never been fortunate enough to attend the “English Language Version” and it did not matter in the slightest. No one I subsequently brought to the place was any less awestruck than I had been. Yes, you can go to other “battlefields” and get all misty eyed reverently thinking about the sacrifices on the particular stretch of ground your are viewing, but no other military history site has so much to see/experience than this one place period. I would tell you more, but it would spoil some of the surprises you’d have in store if you went. I did not expect much by viewing the fortification's entrance (book by its cover), but no one who has attended/visited the place has a differing opinion on its awesomeness.

    If you are more of a Battlefield type you can go North (one hour and 23 minutes) from Mainz along the Rhine (a very scenic ride itself) to Remagen, Germany and see where the U.S. 9th AD crossed. There’s a small museum on the Eastern Bank of where the bridge once stood Die Brcke von Remagen But there is also a scenic road on the Western Bank that allows you to drive to the top of the high bluffs that provide a truly awesome vista (if time dictates a choice see the views on the Western side and blow off the museum).

    If you are an Audie Murphy fan, a one hour and 45 minutes Southern drive from Landau, Germany brings you to Holtzwihr, France Holtzwihr It was one on my bucket list, but I’d only recommend it if there were no other options available.
    Hope these ideas help and have a safe trip.



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    Hi Lance,

    Many thanks for your reply, So far we are planning on a trip to Festung Ehrenbreitstein on the East bank of the Rhine opposite Koblenz, Also a trip to the Maginot line and an area there that my wife mentioned walking in the woods a few years back and coming across old bunkers and trenches in the woods with bits of rusty metal all around. Will keep you updated. Further recommendations as ever are eagerly awaited.


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