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Article about: Hello Ladies & Gents today I visited with my good lady U-534 in Birkenhead..I have never seen a U-boat before so as we up that end of the world I thought sod it lets take a look. Now the

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    Default U-534

    Hello Ladies & Gents today I visited with my good lady U-534 in Birkenhead..I have never seen a U-boat before so as we up that end of the world I thought sod it lets take a look. Now the U-boat itself is very interesting & the display is all good.. the only problem being it is all rather small the whole display that is!!. You could get around in 90 minutes no problems!! Which pleased the Missus.. I am not a U-boat buff but it is well worth a visit. & one of the curators there called Chris was spot on with tonnes of info.. If you want to know more just Google U-534... & have stuck quite a few snaps of the place & boat.. So hopefully some of you might find it enjoyable? Cheers TerryU-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534..

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    I had a tour of that beauty before they butchered it!

    It's a superb piece of history

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    Great pics thanks for showing

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    You are right there Nick I learnt a lot today from the chap Chris.. a very interesting piece. & lucky you for get a look around before they chopped it up. But I can understand why they did it!!.He did say if they put her back together she would an inche shorter!!!. Cheers Terry.

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    I remember going through the boat before she was cut up. My daughter was negotiating the ladders to get inside and was struggling with her bag. The guide said to her: "You won't need that here love, we've got no shops inside."

    Here's a picture of her on our 2nd visit after the council did more damage to the boat than the air force managed. My daughter can be seen at the opposite end of the engine room.

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    You are right there Harry no shops on these things lol.. & think after a visit here Das Boot needs to be watched to get the feel for the place & workload put on these young men.. Cheers Terry.

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    I visited the U-534 before it was transported on a barge to the UK and raped.

    Cutting it up was an abominable act if not a downright disgrace.

    Am going to see some relics from the sub at some point soon.

    I would have preferred, that the U-543 stayed near where it was sunk and subsequently raised - alas that was not to be.

    I far more enjoyed visiting the U-505. Its an impressive albeit heavily restored boat.

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    I too enjoyed several tours before they made the decision to cut the boat up. Walking through her was indeed a memorable experience. Although the more recent display patently does not come close to the previous exhibition, the museum is still very well presented.
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    I do think the present display is okay & yes cutting her into fours isn't great but I do understand why they done it!!..I don't think many people could climb in & out of her also I think she isn't stable enough for 1000's of people to be climbing all over her.. So what we have is a compromise.Which I thought was rather good..Thanks for the comments guys .. Cheers Terry.

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    Great photos Terry and i'm glad you enjoyed your visit, imagine if you were claustrophobic serving on one of those!..
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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