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USA National World War 2 Museum (Picture Heavy)

Article about: Good Evening, I recently traveled to Fort Polk for military training. While we were there we were given a very RARE day off. Our battalion commander knew a curator at the National WW2 museum

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    Great thread, thx for sharing the history. The gun room is spectacular!

    I hope you get the job there one day ;-)

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    I agree Larboard! I definitely want to continue my education in military history! But I also want a job I can afford to continue expanding my collection haha not too sure how well a museum curator pays!


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    Well, money's not everything. It's the prestige of being a curator in a place like this, and the ability, the opportunity, to educate people you meet. Priceless.

    By this time, you'll have your retirement so you'll be set anyways, and more then likely it would only be part time so you'd still have time to work another job. I can't see a museum of this size only having one docent/or curator, it seems like a big enough place to have several, although typically the work is volunteer.

    Me, I'd be in seventh heaven at the opportunity.

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    I totally agree that money isn't everything. We will see how everything turns out!

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