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USA National World War 2 Museum (Picture Heavy)

Article about: Good Evening, I recently traveled to Fort Polk for military training. While we were there we were given a very RARE day off. Our battalion commander knew a curator at the National WW2 museum

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    Default USA National World War 2 Museum (Picture Heavy)

    Good Evening,
    I recently traveled to Fort Polk for military training. While we were there we were given a very RARE day off. Our battalion commander knew a curator at the National WW2 museum in New Orleans and was able to schedule a trip for those who wanted to go. I, being the history nut that I am, immediately jumped aboard this expedition.

    One early wake up and about a four hour drive later, we were at the museum. Unbeknownst to me, this trip was going to be much more special that a normal trip to the museum. Our curator actually brought us up into the vault of the museum and showed up many rare artifact from the war that they did not have on display. I am the unit historian for my battalion due to my love of history. The only other person with more knowledge than my own in the war is the BC. In the vault we were shown uniforms from MOH recipients as well as different helmets from the different sides in the war and even a collapsible British bicycle. Perhaps the coolest part of this experience was when the curator opened the weapons vault. He passed around weapons from both the axis and allied sides of the war. I actually got to hold an original STG-44, MG-34, MG-42 as well as other weapons. I was drooling all over these weapons of war.

    After we finished in the vault, we moved to one of the main buildings. This building had a Sherman Tank, Stewart Tank, as well as multiple aircraft hanging from the ceiling. Our curator actually gave us the go ahead to climb around on the Sherman and check it out. Naturally I wanted to see what this "Tin Can" was like on the inside. It had a lot more room in it compared to what I expected. However I still would not want to be in one of these things!

    After we checked these vehicles out for a bit, our BC wanted us to walk around the museum longed and look at our roots and where we had come from. I naturally spent about 2 more hours in the museum PAST when the rest of our soldiers headed to Bourbon Street. I could have literally spent days in the museum and I honestly think that it would be a dream job if I could work there one day after my military career ends. Enjoy the pictures!

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 940856_10205830817951861_905739872716290117_n.jpg   940940_10205830823271994_5272834597486456533_n.jpg  

    946139_10205830814991787_2172163852989319154_n.jpg   1779107_10205830823752006_4939582881169271827_n.jpg  

    1909918_10205816204026522_7661387346529385696_n.jpg   10568989_10205830815791807_6046955723468139763_n.jpg  

    12439142_10205830825792057_234293759511346349_n.jpg   12439230_1275403105808328_909477020616551610_n.jpg  

    12472266_1275403165808322_7037029527174167244_n.jpg   12509112_10205830811951711_2763309164952774067_n.jpg  

    12548999_10205830808511625_2371585699011775695_n.jpg   12549000_10205830809471649_6353165498932141353_n.jpg  

    12549050_10205830811191692_2320862336811678842_n.jpg   12552625_10205830813791757_8821857785956230061_n.jpg  

    12552741_10205830824952036_3952524761382144718_n.jpg   12552832_10205830813271744_2024094719903626116_n.jpg  

    12553004_10205830818271869_8266360023669604658_n.jpg   12553024_10205830817111840_5136680036090191307_n.jpg  

    12565534_10205830812991737_4680358915087454729_n.jpg   12565615_10205830816551826_7569499396762642696_n.jpg  

    12573776_10205830827032088_3050768826762516992_n.jpg   12573791_10205830822191967_5798038641279278820_n.jpg  

    12573798_10205830825472049_2084839902917009097_n.jpg   12573842_10205830822671979_2251815585268400464_n.jpg  

    12573921_10205830826192067_5992193198100751301_n.jpg   12573958_10205830816791832_2184637583096971454_n.jpg  

    12592187_10205830826632078_5646852938062416565_n.jpg   12592420_10205830823552001_6339213440649256252_n.jpg  

    12592709_10205830824272019_5742390582495912818_n.jpg   12631375_10205830809111640_6073882829205701438_n.jpg  

    12631375_10205830809791657_3561931697309038909_n.jpg   12642711_10205830815511800_210584626754226082_n.jpg  

    12642740_10205830817351846_8026750041511175872_n.jpg   12642812_1275403212474984_8947526181983266992_n.jpg  

    12644757_10205830816191817_3207290870119515887_n.jpg   12644777_10205830821671954_4763705697448219696_n.jpg  

    12644798_10205816265708064_8485778850717346047_n.jpg   12644803_10205830822431973_1615535782687097831_n.jpg  

    12644957_10205830812311720_5940732952083827719_n.jpg   12645249_10205830817711855_1582835485277473428_n.jpg  

    12647084_10205830808831633_8003387362762029601_n.jpg   12647542_10205830817551851_7964952011985607298_n.jpg  

    12650894_10205830826352071_6952045914848172469_n.jpg   12651106_10205830815351796_6501600115994841774_n.jpg  

    12651139_10205830822991987_5597879770236539116_n.jpg   12651163_10205830814471774_3401066004608023042_n.jpg  

    12651255_10205830821911960_2555027914623014665_n.jpg   12651379_10205830812751731_6034612000360654347_n.jpg  

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    I had been meaning to post a thread asking if anyone had been there yet. It's on my list for this year. Very cool!.. Except for the backwards swastika..?? Awesome pics and thank you for your service to our country.
    We have met the enemy and have learned nothing more about him. I have, however, learned some things about myself. There are things men can do to one another that are sobering to the soul. It is one thing to reconcile these things with God, but another to square it with yourself. - Robert Leckie

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    Great VIP tour, thanks for sharing!

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    Cheers Mate- love seeing threads like this.

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    That museum is great! I went a day on my honeymoon(my wife is an enabler). I really enjoyed all of the artifacts, and think its a well laid out museum. Did you get a chance to watch the "4d" film in the theater?

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    I loved the museum. UK Cousin I did not even notice that the swastika was backwards until you pointed it out! I wonder why it looked like that?

    Nathan - I did not get the chance to see the film but on my next trip (whenever it may be) I definitely will be going to check it out!


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    Planes and tank are Excellent!

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    I agree colt! Wish I won the lottery....

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    Very nice!!! I did the exact same tour behind the scenes! So much cool stuff!

    The German boots that where worn on d day.

    Going through each draw of firearms of every country.

    Funny when I was there 4 years ago the Sherman tank was in a warehouse. Still could go inside it. In the Warehouse They also had planes and jeeps and trucks that you could jump in!

    The 4d was also pretty cool, it was narrated by Tom hanks

    Btw the backwards swastic flag was probably made by the Italians, I have seen quite a few of them like that. Seems the Italians really didn't care.

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    Thanks for the comments Danny! I wish that they had some of the aircraft open to walk around in! A few years ago I got to fly in a B17 (The Aluminum Overcast) It was a lot of fun!


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