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V Weapons sites

Article about: by harryamb2 Lebus,he was killed over the UK when the B17 flying bomb exploded before he could bail out of it.similar to the German misteral idea. Actually, I think it was a BQ8 ( converted

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    Default V Weapons sites

    First proper post on here so bear with me if the photos don't work first time. Done quite a few trips over the years (loads to Normandy) but decided last year to do some V weapons sites in Northern France. Did the "mainstream" La Coupelle and the bunker at Watten which are well worth visiting. I like to find stuff though so armed with a list of sites, a book and a Facebook guide I set off to find a few others.

    Some are "restored" proper ramp sites and some the quickly thrown up temporary sites that the Germans constructed to try and avoid the allied bombing raids. These later sites consisted now of hardstandings and sheds converted for farm use (if that). Some take some real finding!

    A couple of weeks after returning from the planned trip I did a track day at Abbeville (To the others just a racetrack but to me a racetrack built on the perimeter of an airfield with history). I sloped off before the obligatory Buffalo Grill steak meal and managed to find another site. Carre Bois - The original "Ski" site located by aerial recon.

    WOW - I got there early evening and drove past it 3 times. You'd never know it was there. Light faded rapidly and it was a scary place with all the nesting Rooks screeching but so worth it. In fact so good I went back the next morning after loading the car on the trailer. Got some better photos (iphone only) and got threatened by a group of shotgun toting Frenchman. FFS, it's an historical site. What harm did they think I was doing taking photos armed with an iphone and a Caterham on a trailer.

    Anyway - Carre Bois is pretty much exactly as it was left after the war, huge bomb craters from the many raids on it and all the non bomb destroyed buildings left intact, Ski tunnels, water tank, (anti) magnetic building, workshops, chemical stores and launch bunker. I went very early October and it was accessible - popped in again in May on the way back from another motorsport event and wearing shorts and 6' high nettles made progress difficult. I reckon November December when the veg has died back and you'd see a lot.

    The last 25 photos are Carre Bois
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_3205.jpg   IMG_3206.jpg  

    IMG_3207.jpg   IMG_3208.jpg  

    IMG_3209.jpg   IMG_3210.jpg  

    IMG_3211.jpg   IMG_3215.jpg  

    IMG_3216.jpg   IMG_3217.jpg  

    IMG_3218.jpg   IMG_3219.jpg  

    IMG_3220.jpg   IMG_3221.jpg  

    IMG_3222.jpg   IMG_3223.jpg  

    IMG_3224.jpg   IMG_3225.jpg  

    IMG_3226.jpg   IMG_3227.jpg  

    IMG_3228.jpg   IMG_3229.jpg  

    IMG_3230.jpg   IMG_3231.jpg  

    IMG_3232.jpg   IMG_3233.jpg  

    IMG_3236.jpg   IMG_3237.jpg  

    IMG_3238.jpg   IMG_3239.jpg  

    IMG_3241.jpg   IMG_3242.jpg  

    IMG_3243.jpg   IMG_3244.jpg  

    IMG_3245.jpg   IMG_3246.jpg  

    IMG_3247.jpg   IMG_3248.jpg  

    IMG_3249.jpg   IMG_3250.jpg  

    IMG_3251.jpg   IMG_3253.jpg  

    IMG_3256.jpg   IMG_3271.jpg  

    IMG_3275.jpg   IMG_3276.jpg  

    IMG_3287.jpg   IMG_3290.jpg  

    IMG_3291.jpg   IMG_3292.jpg  

    IMG_3293.jpg   IMG_3294.jpg  

    IMG_3295.jpg   IMG_3296.jpg  

    IMG_3297.jpg   IMG_3298.jpg  

    IMG_3299.jpg   IMG_3300.jpg  

    IMG_3301.jpg   IMG_3302.jpg  

    IMG_3303.jpg   IMG_3304.jpg  

    IMG_3305.jpg   IMG_3306.jpg  

    IMG_3307.jpg   IMG_3308.jpg  

    IMG_3309.jpg   IMG_3310.jpg  

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    Sorry - Dumbo - its Bois Carre not Carre Bois!

    V1 launch site Bois Carre

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    And here is a wartime shot
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 457_006-008-000-854-r_800.jpg  

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    Welcome to the forum and an impressive way to open your account!!

    Greatt pics, thank you

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    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Welcome to the forum, nicely presented thread.

    If you wish to visit more sites related to the development of the V-weapons, consider a trip to KZ-Gedenkstätte Mittelbau-Dora, addressed in the thread below:


    A point to remember - more people died during the construction phase of these weapons than they actually killed.


    Experienced guide and published author leading detailed study trips to the former KZ sites of Nazi Germany. Contact for further details.

    "maka akaŋl oyate maŋi pi ki le, tuweŋi wíyópeya oki hi sni"

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    great post.

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    And you must to see Mimoyecques, the gun to London, Pdt Kenedy's brother was killed by the Flak on this place.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Lebus,he was killed over the UK when the B17 flying bomb exploded before he could bail out of it.similar to the German misteral idea.

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    Visited those sites a couple of years ago, great to see some recent photos.


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