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Visiting the German Military Cemetery, UK.

Article about: very interesting Ade , i never knew about this cemetry ! ps. a striking family resemblence there in connor i bet he loves it in your collecting room cheers Al

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    Great post Ade! Alrewas next?


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    Hi Guys, thanks as always for the kind comments.

    Reg mentions Alrewas: this is the site of the UK National Memorial Arbouretum. I live not far away from this site and I intend to cover it in a future thread. I have been there several times over the last few years and it is now really taking shape. Located there are many different memorials to British Regts.

    The National Memorial Arboretum Home

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Just an update to the story so far....i visited Cannock Chase 'Deutsche Kriegsgraberstatten' yesterday (3/9/09) with a friend, the last time was 1987 !..and at that time i complety ignored the small 'Commonwealth War Graves' site prior to the German cemetery (thinking it just contained just Allied dead), this time i gave it call, there are 24 British and 73 New Zealand dead of WW1, also 3 British dead of WW2, and a 1 Polish casualty...BUT ALSO there are 256 German dead of WW1, and 29 German dead of WW2. During WW1 the New Zealand rifle Brigade were based at the military camp at Cannock Chase, where there was also a large POW hospital in the camp, this how the German dead got to be buried at this site, victims of the Spanish flu epidemic (as mentioned earlier in this post). So, when visiting the German cemetery dont forget to pay a visit to the smaller Commonwealth site. I've included some photos, of the final resting place of General-Feldmarschall Ernst Busch, and General(Obergruppenfuhrer) Maximillen von Herff, and some shots of the Commonwealth cemetery. The 'Hall of Honour' shows poppy wreaths from local council and British Legion branches.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture P1010111.jpg   P1010130.jpg  

    P1010114.jpg   P1010133.jpg  

    P1010139.jpg   P1010135.jpg  


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