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The Vitmoutiers Tiger - a history

Article about: by lebus12 On the first picture, it's me!(This picture is mine, but one time on the web, it's finished!) In the 60's-70's, I was every month in the Falaise pocket! Thank you Lebus for provid

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    Latest images of the Tiger......taken a month ago early on the morning of the Vimoutiers Fair. It was still slightly misty and the sun wasn't quite up. Have to say that the Tiger is starting to look a little neglected : time for some TLC.........

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It was supposed to have a revamp before Normandy 70th but it still hasn't happened Martin , i was there again last week !!

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    I would have gona there when I went to Normandy but my mom didnt want to drive 4 hours... LOL

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    Somewhere I have photos of me standing on that tank 2 years ago

    Dean O

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    If they couldn't raise the funds to freshen it up for the 70th, then maybe the 75th???

    Lets hope they consult someone with knowledge of the correct cammo colours and pattern this time! !
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Excellent thread guys thanks for the info.. Cheers Terry.

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    I feel so sorry for the "Vimoutiers" Tiger. She has been totally neglected for years.

    This is a genuine relic of the Panzer battles of 1944.

    She should be now in her own Museum.

    Yes, it's lovely to see a Panzer in situ, but with vandalism, the elements, and old age, how long will she last?

    This poor once mighty lady should be given the respect she fully deserves.

    This is a monument for all those that fought in the famous battles around Caen, unique and one of a kind.

    Literally thousands go to see Tiger 131 at Bovington Camp, to see this early example moving along under her own steam

    She should be stripped down, re-welded, given a good clean up, re-painted, and any genuine spare parts added.

    I'm sure a fund could be set up to get ££$$ for this massive project. How many visitors would give a couple of ££$$ on each visit.

    It can be done*, these relics should be given the protection they deserve, the French Government should make funds available.

    Why should she be left to rot and rust, as the elements take it's toll. Enough is enough.

    She is a magnificent beast, truly proud, and should be seen for generations to come.

    This is what is needed:

    * Panzertruppe Panzer Wrapper World War 2 Ace Uniform Panzerabteilung

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